Forza Motorsport 2 - Showdown TV Spot

Six drivers are bringing the game to real life, starting this February on the Speed channel.

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SimmoUK5248d ago

This is CGI footage from the start ups if you want to see real gameplay screens do a google search for Forza 2 and take a look. It's like posting the start up of the JAP version of Motorstorm. I thought everyone had a problem with CGI anyway? oh no just if Sony does it right...

T-Virus5248d ago

Yes, it isn't in game from what I can tell, but your comment was a little bit overboard. Microsoft didn't try and pass this off as in game, Jenzo made a mistake. Sony said that Motorstorm was in game.

no_more_heroes5248d ago

is a quick bit of gameplay (not even a second) because what he could have been talking about was the fact that the guy in the yellow suit was playing the game right before they show the xbox 360 symbol.

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The story is too old to be commented.