Uncharted 4 Could Have Split-Screen Multiplayer... Eventually

From Releases: "Although Uncharted 4's multiplayer won't support split-screen play at launch, the feature could be implemented some time in the future, as stated today by one of the game's developers."

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fenome1110d ago

Their roadmap says Co-op in Autumn. Keeping my fingers crossed on local!

Forn1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

I'm with you. I believe it will be coming at that point. Well, at least I'm hoping for it.

extermin8or1109d ago

Local in 30fps using the standard multiplayer settings should be possible.

Get_A_Job_Foxtrot1110d ago (Edited 1110d ago )

Awesome news

holdmyown831109d ago

I thought that meant co-op adventure and Arena

gangsta_red1110d ago

We need more split screen gaming with todays games.

Septic1110d ago

I'm not really fussed with splitscreen tbh but options are good to have. Glad Gears is doing it after the backslash Halo got.

Christopher1110d ago

Among many other things. Absolutely. We should not abandon the past capabilities solely because the Internet is so readily available. Gaming is and will always be about interacting with friends and family just like almost any other activity.

jb2271110d ago

Couldn't agree more. Local play has an entirely different dynamic that online mp simply can't achieve. I guess I'm a prime example of a gamer that grew up playing w/ my brother when I wasn't playing solo...loved local co op, never got into a single online mp game. I'd get infinitely more playtime out of a local mode than an online one. They still deserve a place in the modern gaming landscape.

I'm sure you can play Monopoly online, but will that ever replace the traditional board game model? I highly doubt that.

fenome1110d ago

Isn't it weird how everybody's pushing the 'social' features of the consoles but not pushing local play? Online interactions are a lot less social than actually playing with people in the room with you.

Muzikguy1109d ago

Yes we do. The shift away from this shouldn't have ever happened. Consoles are powerful enough now it should start coming back IMO

1109d ago
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hardcorehenry1110d ago

Would be nice, but doesnt seem necessary for Uncharted. Having played the beta it doesnt strike me as a local MP sort of game.

Movefasta19931110d ago

I would love some splitscreen multiplayer.Uncharted's mp is fun,why wouldn't it be any different to any other local mp shooter?

Aloy-Boyfriend1110d ago

It was good in U3 , so why not? I take it

Spyroo1110d ago

For me it isn't needed, but nice for people who do use this feature :)

nevin11110d ago

It possible they didn't just included in their plans in the beginning of development?

But it is odd it was there day 1 for Uncharted 3 MP.

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