Modern Warfare Remastered To Have Incredible Leap in Graphics Fidelity While Gameplay Stays Intact

According to Raven Software, Modern Warfare Remastered will have an incredible leap in graphics fidelity whilst maintaining the gameplay experience fans have loved.

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LavaLampGoo2458d ago

I mean, I should hope the graphics are a total leap forward. My memory of CoD: MW is really impressive looking, but YouTube videos beg to differ.

Alexious2458d ago

Yeah, it's been 9 years. I'm curious though as how the gameplay will be received, people tend to have nostalgia glasses but I'm not so sure it will amaze once again.

Crazyglues2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

Yeah it's going to impress if this video is anything to go by.. -It looks really good...

zeuanimals2457d ago


Alexious was talking about the gameplay. That's not a video about gameplay. COD campaigns tend to have really dumb AI that just stand there and shoot. They'll take cover every now and then but most enemies act as targets in a shooting gallery. The shooting itself worked fine, I just always found it bland and unsatisfying just to shoot. Coupled with bad overall combat scenarios, it was never really compelling. Other games that do shooting better had an extra something going for them, either the feel of the gun, the smoothness of the controls (much more noticeable in 3rd person shooters, see Max Payne 3), or something along those lines.

The games were memorable for their spectacle, not the actual combat. I'd even put "All Ghillied Up" in the category of spectacle. It's not high octane, but the entire sequence and the setup was done beautifully, with crescendos and all. I think that might be the only part of the campaign that will actually hold up.

EazyC2458d ago

Yeah, but they really went to town if what we've seen is any indication. This isn't just a once-over with the HD brush, it's more like a total remake.

Michiel19892458d ago

I mostly remember how much more fun it was witout a bazillion killstreaks. It felt balanced (though not every gun was). The handling of the guns also felt superb.

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starchild2458d ago

"I mean, I should hope the graphics are a total leap forward."

Well yeah, but most remasters can't be described that way, so I think they're doing a really great job on it.

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Garethvk2458d ago

We can hope. A better looking game is nice but it was made for a different graphical era.

EazyC2458d ago

The gameplay was golden but I hope balancing gets a good looking over. 3x grenade, blast radius damage of grenades nd martyrdom need some serious tweaking.

Michiel19892458d ago

what was wrong with martyrdom? if you stay on the run and dont teabag the target you just killed, you should be allright.

EazyC2458d ago

But I'm a real Tetley kind of guy, so my teabag hangs around that bit extra to make up for its weak contents.

Skate-AK2458d ago

Martyrdom is crap for people that play hardcore. Can't count how many times that I was team killed by one.


This is how its gonna go, most people are gonna buy infinite warfare only for cod4.

Ricegum2458d ago

Literally seen this comment a million times. It's not even related.

freshslicepizza2458d ago

people want to buy remasters but are they against new upgrades for the consoles?

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Alexious2457d ago

In this case they might be right.

Movefasta19932458d ago

Imagine they troll us and put in exo suits in the multiplayer.

NarooN2458d ago

That would be hilarious to be honest. I'd love to read all the incessant complaints about it.

Alexious2458d ago

Indeed. Exo suits were fun at first, but ultimately they ruined the combat balance.

Paytaa2458d ago

I would literally fight a higher up at Activision

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