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Table Top Racing: World Tour is pretty much what it sounds like; little cars racing on tables and floors in settings like, a garage, and a British yacht.

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Hoffmann1110d ago

Tried out the game yesterday and yeah would give it a smiliar high score. One of my favurite psplus games on ps4 this year so far.

nevin11110d ago

Played 1 race and most likely that will be it.

But how do you play MP?

mryams1110d ago

In the main menu there will be an option for Championships, Special Events, Multiplayer, Garage and DLC shop

Spyroo1110d ago

Should show in YouTube someone accessing the multiplayer maybe I haven't tried it yet

Spyroo1110d ago

Hopefully it will get the Rocket League treatment updates but of course on a lesser scale since the team working on this game is way way smaller and less budget