Too Human Developers Share Impressions Of Denis Dyack

What do other members of Dyack's studio think about him? MTV Multiplayer has conducted an interview with three developers over email, and provided the following answers about Dyack...

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Raoh3702d ago


is this a soft piece article to make Dennis seem more likable and less frustrated and in denial?

strotee3702d ago

This is unbelievably lame.

Gee, why would any of his developers tell you anything but good things about Denis? I'm not implying there's anything to complain about the guy, but these are his employees, who enjoy a steady paycheck and would not jeopardize that luxury by speaking their mind.

lodossrage3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

This Dyack crap needs to stop being posted here. The sooner he just lets this pass, the sooner he can make something good. He and his team are capable. But this time he needs to take it on the chin.

We all know dang well they'll say everything good under the sun about him. Especially considering he probably has the power to fire quiet a few and/or make their tenures there miserable.

This isn't newsworthy

Zeevious3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

Well, I had given this game an:

"I don't like it (at all) but try the demo for yourself, you may..."

But now...Well, with all these SILICON KNIGHTS EMPLOYEES saying what a Golly, Goshious, Great Guy Denny' is, that should somehow make the game Not Suck For Me.

Why every time I die...with enough time to take something from the fridge or freezer to the microwave and start dinner, I'll realize it's just one of those special extra touches Mr. D. put in because he's such a swell guy.

Every bug and glitch is really a flaw of love, to caress and ponder the meaning of Robotic Norse Gods.

I'd give more credibility to someone edging the Silicone Knights...Ohh..sorry...uhhh... (Different type of media company, entirely)

...edging the Silicon Knights lawn.
(Not Silicone...not silicone...must not think of Wife or Girlfriend...working...NOT silicone!)

Oh wait...I just got this email from the Silicon Knights lawn edger:

"I once saw D.D. in his office, and he had this goat in there that the Last Guy guys loaned him...and he had some champagne and a wig on it.

A Tina Turner wig.

...and...uhh...he had it walking in these 6-inch heels and I know that's not right.
The worst thing was, he was playing Too inHuman at the same time and the goat had the completely wrong shade of lipstick on."

Now isn't that about as CREDIBLE as if I hired the four people who ignored me here...(3 with 'Power of/Mart' one person)...and THEN asked them what they think of me?

Gee now. I wonder what they'll say.
(please quote any of the phrases from this 'article' and insert Zeevious wherever you find a reference to big sweet luvvable game developer - Double-D.)

This is all just marketing nonsense.
Try the Demo yourself, YOU may like it. I didn't.

Everyone has different tastes. Goatluvvin' or not.

thewho3702d ago




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