New Study Reveals Japanese Gamers Think very lowly of Xbox 360

A new small-scale study conducted by Macromill denotes that a huge 71 percent of those surveyed are not considering the Xbox 360 for purchase. In terms of perceptions on the Wii and PS3, it's pretty tight with only 17.4 and 18.1 percent not considering a purchase.

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Gears5248d ago

About Japan, that will not decide the winner this time around.

darx5248d ago

Who cares about the Japanese. Enough of these Japanese comparisons.

Anerythristic265248d ago

It's not the major market ! Ask gamers in the U.S. , Canada , across Europe , Australia what they think of the 360 ?

InMyOpinion5248d ago

How many people were in the survey? It's a fact that japanese people don't like anything produced outside of Japan.

THWIP5248d ago

...that most people think Juevani is an ignorant jackass.

Seriously, what's the point of this, other than to start another flame war? This is just another bogus poll; ask the 200,000 + Japanese who ACTUALLY BOUGHT a 360 what they think of it, and Dead Rising, Blue Dragon, and Lost Planet.....and how much they're looking forward to Trusty Bell, Lost Odyssey, DOA:XBV2, Cry On, Earth Defense Force X, and others.

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The story is too old to be commented.