When a $599 PS3 was "probably too cheap"

10 years ago this month, Sony stole the show at E3 2006 for all the wrong reasons, the upcoming Final Fantasy XV was first announced, and the console transition claimed some victims.

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Ristul1518d ago

I would rather buy a $500-600 console on launch then having to upgrade later (a la Xbox 1.5/Neo)

FarEastOrient1518d ago

I paid that Iron Price, but so many people would've complained today about having to pay for a $600 console. It didn't matter if a high price in the beginning would've prevented a mid-life upgrade.

Ristul1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Yeah, that is sadly true.

Morgue1518d ago

I paid $975 for my PS3 back then and to this day I've never regretted it.

Ruggadagod1518d ago

Funny how the PS3 is still being manufactured yet the Wii and 360 aren't LMAO. It's been almost 10 years come november.

rlow11518d ago

Yeah, its called a ten year plan. Microsoft stopped theirs at ten and if Sony follows their original plan they'll do the same in it's tenth year.

yewles11518d ago

They just had an update for PS3 and more games are in development still. This console will still be manufactured past 2017...

TFJWM1518d ago

The plan is actually, Make the console as long as there is demand and it makes you money, not "10 years"...

kayoss1518d ago

Microsoft stopped at 7 years if you think about. There were very very little to no exclusives for it for it last 3 years.

rlow11516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Okay I was unaware their were games still being made for it. But when it launched that's what they advertised to death, so they could justify the expense. So if they are able to get a longer time out of it, we'll see.
But i'm sure all three of you checked Gamestop to see that their are still games coming out for the 360 as well and with the ps4 selling so well and a new upgraded one coming out, time is not on its side.

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