PlayStation 4K, Xbox "Neo," and the Unhappy History of Mid-Cycle Console Upgrades

Sony and Microsoft's plan to refresh their current consoles has become the industry's worst-kept secret, but they'll be fighting uphill against history.

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Horseygamer1557d ago

what ever happened to upgrading your old console with memory new GFX cards etc it time we went back to those days!!!

Angeljuice1557d ago

I don't have a 4k TV and therefore don't require an upgraded PS4. Others may feel differently (I know how some are obsessed with resolution).
I won't feel cheated if they release an upgrade as it doesn't offer me anything I need. I really don't see what the fuss is about.

If you have a 4k TV then you have the option to upgrade to a higher resolution, if you don't, why worry?

Volkama1557d ago

Assuming Neo is real and resolution is a focus, I'd expect it to support native downsampling (or more specifically, AMD's Virtual Resolution Scaling). If that's the case then while you wouldn't get 4k, you'd still benefit from much better 1080p images.

So "the fuss" does still apply to you :)

RedDevils1557d ago

Not really if you can't tell the different. Not like you be staring at the tv from 1m away lol

Melankolis1557d ago

Still...better is better even its psychosomatic

Angeljuice1554d ago

Not really Volk, that is the tiniest, most insignificant difference imaginable. I'd have to be mentally challenged to worry about an imperceptible difference in image quality on my TV, let alone feel annoyed about it.

Are you "outraged and downtrodden" every time a limited edition console is released? After all, they get free stickers on their console (and its far easier to spot than the difference between downsampling quality on a 1080p TV at a viewing distance of 3.5 metres).

But carry on, pretend to be upset and outraged and look for meaningless reasons to justify your pseudo umbridge taking. I'll just wait until something actually affects me first.

Volkama1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Er.... OK!

Firstly, I'm a hardware enthusiast and I am definitely in favour of the 'Neo', so if you perceive me to be "outraged and downtrodden" then your rage-dectector is malfunctioning.

Secondly, VSR (and nVidia's DSR, and any other downsampling techniques implemented in various games) make a pretty huge difference to image quality. I can promise you that images downsampled to 1080p look pristine by comparison to the post-process AA you get almost every console game.

You've seen bullshots of console games on your 1080p screen, right? That's what games can look like on a 1080p screen.

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jb2271557d ago

Yeah I'm not bothered by it much as long as my standard PS4 plays all games solidly.

Also I'm kinda hoping that the extra horsepower is geared solely towards bumps in resolution & frame rate instead of actual new graphical effects. I can handle having a less sharp & slightly choppier version of the same game, but it would bum me out if there were noticeable visual differences beyond resolution.

uth111557d ago

I'll add a few more. These are computers, but in the 80s computers were glorified game systems.

Commodore 128- enhanced C64, the 128 mode got nowhere near the sales or support of the original.

Atari XL/XE - these were enhancements to the Atari 800 with better graphics chips, more memory, in addition there were higher capacity disk drives available- but nearly every game publisher still released games that ran on the 48K Atari 800 with original drive, and few took advantage of newer features.

Atari STe/Falcon- these enhanced the original ST with more Amiga like features,(better graphics, sound, blitter) but once again few developers took advantage of these enhancements.

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Clown_Syndr0me1557d ago

Xbox Neo? I thought it was PlayStation Neo?

hollabox1557d ago

Xbox Neo? Wrong code name, but excellent article

vikingland11557d ago

Xbox Neo? Wrong code name, but excellent article.

I agree, some of the consoles/ upgraded consoles I never knew about.

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