No Crackdown in Germany

Some bad news today for the people in Germany. Real Time World's Crackdown probably won't be coming to Germany. The official rating company in Germany, USK, hasn't given a rating to Crackdown, plus some online German gameshops like Amazon have deleted Crackdown from their assortiment.

This is not the first time that an Xbox 360 game has been banned from Germany. Gears of War and Dead Rising haven't seen light in Germany either. Microsoft hasn't responded to this news, yet.

The game will be released in US and other European countries on February 23. Plus there will be a demo available on January 18th.

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InMyOpinion5246d ago

If I lived in wait, I would'nt live there, I would have moved lol!

power of Green 5246d ago

Is it because of the main charector?.

InMyOpinion5246d ago

Yes, he does' in the picture.

power of Green 5246d ago

No offense to anybody i was kidding.

Sphinx5246d ago

I used to want to live there after learning the German language and learning about their culture and whatnot... but this sucks. Screw Germany.

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The story is too old to be commented.