EGM: Mirror's Edge Features Time Trial Mode

Producer Tom Ferrer explained to EGM Magazine that the time trial portions of Mirror's Edge will be "bite-sized and short so you can grind them and play them and get faster and faster. It's not like playing an entire level." Naturally, you'll be able to upload your fastest time for each section to online leaderboards, and you can even download ghost data that appears in the game as a stylish red silhouette showing how other people completed the task.

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Fishy Fingers3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

Cool, only way to improve on this would be online races, even if only 2 player was capable it would still rock. Seeing your mate/opponent traverse from building to building alone the horizon as you race to meet that wonderful point first, the finish line.... ahhh winner....

SullyDrake3703d ago

That is a terrific idea! I hope the devs are on the same page.

Standard 16 player DM/TDM/CTF is what I'm really hoping for though, just because of how fresh they'd be with the acrobatics and melee moves. The flag would weigh you down naturally, but it would serve as a bad-ass weapon!