Uncharted 4: A Thief's End interview: Bruce Straley opens up on the year's biggest video game


"Picture the scene: Nathan Drake is hanging one-handed from a ledge, his other hand gripping a pistol and firing at enemies on the back of a truck parked just ahead. In video game tradition, these enemies are clustered around a conveniently placed red barrel - the kind you shoot instinctively. One well-aimed shot and the explosion sends goons flying off in several directions and the truck flipping through the air, its burning husk landing right next to Nate; bridging the gap where he hangs, allowing him to clamber across."

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corroios1528d ago

Im so pump with this game. I hope an amazing SP experience and a good replay value with the multiplayer. I believe in ND!!!!.

Livecustoms1528d ago

Hype Levels currently OVER 9000

FullmetalRoyale1528d ago

Really liking what I read about the more nuanced storytelling(with character moments) and them bringing them to Uncharted, in a seemingly bigger way. No reviews , footage, or screenshots for me! Still haven't watched anything since that reveal teaser thing.