Press Start: Gamers don't need new consoles…yet

It's too early for gamers to start thinking about upgrading their PlayStation 4s and Xbox Ones for several reasons, Gazette gaming columnist Jake Magee writes.

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n4rc1524d ago

No, WE don't.. But that isn't really the point..

the start of a new generation is always like a game of chicken, who is going to jump first?

But releases have gone out of whack, the big 3 don't wait for each other..

Wiiu got blown out by ps4 and x1.. Now their new console has people jumpy, Sony won't let Nintendo come out with something more powerful or even with a gimmick that might steal customers. And Microsoft can't allow Sony to pull further ahead so they will leap in etc.. And around and around we go lol

Let's just hope we don't hit phone levels where it's 6 month generations.. Customers will ultimately decided what is acceptable tho

ILostMyMind1524d ago

We are not changing generation.

n4rc1524d ago

What is a generation then?

ILostMyMind1524d ago

A generation of consoles is marked by a cycle of games developed for a specific hardware to its limits. A new generation abandons everything that was created before and you need to buy new games. PS Neo will not use new games. It will be a PS4, running PS4 software but with better graphics.

Goldby1523d ago

its not that simple. If its different hardware under the shell of the apparent "PS4 Neo" then the developers will have to either split teams to build for both systems or take more time to buidl the games because they are doing two different versions. it isn't a slider like on pc display options. Parity also must be taken into account, and if the game can handle lets say 20 objects on screen before frames begin to drop, the PS4 neo wont be allowed to have more than 20 Object on screen for the same scene. thus putting the extra power to no use. the only way to get around the parity would be to have it as the ps5 becuase then its a new generation of consoles. and no one would buy a new gen 3 years after they bought their old ones. well some would. but they have too much money to think and probably pay someone else to do it for them.

As for the teams being split or taking longer to develop, a questions can be asked why waste the money on that if it has to be fairly similar to the base option. the extra time could be used for optimization. the extra team could be used for testing.

ILostMyMind1521d ago

Your statements and questions are all made on assumptions contrary to all information leaked so far. There is no way I answer about the things you think. Be more realistic.

esmittystud1011524d ago

Since I can't have the best gaming PC out there, I settle for atleast having the best console. I will be getting the PS4.5. If it helps the games out alot, than I really want it.

Just Cause 3 is horrible right now on PS4. Framdrops like no other. This is the biggest reason I want the PS4.5. Since my PS4 struggles with games, PS4.5 I think can help that. If Just Cause 3 is 1080p 30fps and it is struggling, this new console might make those fps alot more stable.

I wish sometimes they would just go 900p so the framrates would be more stable, if the game is struggling that is. Not all the games run bad. Just a small few I would like to dab back into one day.

Nightmar3Demom1524d ago

Couldn't agree more. I really think that it's going to come down to how important exclusives are to you. If they are important, then I can see going along with this. If they aren't that important I can't see why I shouldn't abandon the consoles all together and just build (or buy) a good gaming PC and upgrade that as I see fit

Free_Fro1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Try meeting the scheduled release dates of games.

Release games with all content included..

Release fully baked games.. not half baked broken into DLC pieces.

Then... you can discuss new hardware. .

A couple of exclusives is not worth upgrading a console for unless you've got no access to a PC and you do all your gaming on console...

Goldby1523d ago

he's saying we need to deal with the issue that developers are "half assing it"
Instead of optimizing for what they have, they are bitching about what they want.
instead of announcing a game years in advance with release dates, keep the dates off the table until you know it's ready.
have fully working games at launch without "post launch" plans that include finishing the game ie. divisions horrible incursion mode

using DLC for the game you're trying to sell to help sell said game. (confusing i know)

ILostMyMind1524d ago

I don't need too but i want.

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