Sonic The Hedgehog Coming To LEGO Dimensions?

A LEGO insider has leaked a potential Sonic The Hedgehog pack for LEGO Dimensions.

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KentBenMei1525d ago

Might care about LEGO now.

Pancit_Canton1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

Sonic died years ago. They need to stop shoving sonic back to people's throat.

FallenAngel19841525d ago

A Sonic amiibo then Sonic in Lego Dimensions. That'd be mind boggling.

Yeah there's Donkey Kong & Bowser amiibo that work with Skylanders, but this would be on a different level

RosweeSon1524d ago

This would be awesome Lego dimensions is already a really great game but a Sonic Pack would be awesome, don't think it'll come to the original set tho surely this'll be part of this years sequel?! Or early next year. Love them to add a toy story pack/levels. If they add Star Wars in also... Sold!

MrsNesbitt1524d ago

Love to see Sonic back :)

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