Xbox One’s My Games and Apps section will see changes “soon”

The Games and Apps section on Xbox One is about to get better.

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dantesparda1531d ago

How about making it easier to choice to either sleep or shutdown when trying to shut off the system.

monsoon_moon1531d ago

It is a bit of a cluster fuck at the moment, hopefully the improvement does neaten it up a bit.

Hopefully do the store as well, browsing through games can be a nightmare.

holysmokesbatman1531d ago

Agreed, the store and 'my apps and games' section have needed a serious overhaul since day one!

TheCommentator1531d ago

The layout doesn't bother me so much as it stands, but I can't understand why games that I've hidden require the secret code "LT, RT, and X" to make them visible when there should just be a one button screen prompt that tells you how to access them. I had to look the code up on the net because Xbox Help offered none. Stupid, if you ask me.

SpaceRanger1531d ago

I'm not a huge fan of the UI to be honest. I like the side bar for easy access to notifications and my buddies that are online, but the format of the main menu is confusing and wasn't what I was expecting after all those monthly updates they've touted each month.

By the sound of it though, awesome changes are coming next month. And I am excited!

81BX1531d ago

Does anyone else have the following issue?
My profile is set to auto load, my xbox is set to quickly start up. When i turn my xbox on (w/no kinect) instead of loading my profile straight away it processes through 4 to 5 dash boards quickly then mine. Its kind of annoying to me. Thanks for any helpful feedback. Ive done a hard reset already.

TheCommentator1531d ago

No problems for me, I'd call MS.

81BX1531d ago

Ughhh no thanks lol i would rather suck it up than have to deal with MS service ever again.

HawaiianDreads1531d ago


Dang you had that bad of a experience with MS customer service?

81BX1529d ago

Yeah it was brutal... wait time coupled with not helping at all. I just went to settings and reset but kept all info. It worked thanks.

TheCommentator1530d ago

Last time I'd dealt with them the experience I had was much different than before. They even have a call back option, where you leave your number and they call you back when a service rep is available, which made things relatively painless. Sorry I couldn't help out any further, 81BX, but I hope you can get it resolved!

Gaming4Life19811531d ago

I like the ui but my games and apps and the store needs to be fixed. I wonder if they will completely change the entire ui this fall like they used to on Xbox 360