Battleborn vs. Overwatch: Which is the Game for You?

Battleborn or Overwatch: which MOBA/FPS hybrid should you pick up this month?

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Free_Fro1117d ago

Whichever is easier to pick up and play..?

Free_Fro1117d ago

Yeah, Overwatch has an easier concept..
FPS and Objectives..

I'd go with Overwatch too, plus I prefer the artstyle..

Trolltroll1116d ago (Edited 1116d ago )

They lost me at roller blade guy.
@Free_Fro yes the art concept is very different. After the opening scene below BB really painted a different picture. (The bombs start droppin @ 1:24)

The OW story trailers...

I kid I kid

Trolltroll1116d ago (Edited 1116d ago )

Can you use twin sticks? They should both pickup easily.
Battleborn!!! though. Very different and awesome. Also you actually can modify your battleborns skills and stats in and out of game to your liking. You do get to roll your eyes at every other shooter without backing up your argument if you choose OW:o

Surt1117d ago

Neither. I'm getting Doom.

Arrow22831117d ago

I am loving Overwatch at the moment. I played the beta for Battleborn, couldn't get into it.

Ethereal1117d ago

Overwatch by a long shot. Most fun I've had with a shooter in a long time.

Trolltroll1116d ago

Battleborn... for the same reasons. And I dont like how Blizzard force feeds you their games... Harthstone. I hope it dosnt become pay to win. Both games are good i hope they both last.
I truely belive BB is somthing different, less twitch more push.

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The story is too old to be commented.