Beautiful Minecraft Map Took 400 Hours To Build

Called Phain, or Game Board of the Ancients, this map is another one from the incredibly talented Darastlix, whose work we’ve featured on Kotaku three times before. Phain, which took 400 hours of work over a year to make, is the sixth in Darastlix’s Lone Wanderer series of Minecraft maps, with a hexagonal look inspired by Endless Legend (a good strategy game in its own right.)

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Who in their right mind thinks that 36sq. Km. of map can be completely terraformed in 400 hours, with unique flora and buildings across the entirity of the map, let alone make perfect hexagons across an area of that magnatude within that time. Either he has a thousand people helping him or he architected it using a program and imported the data in order to populate the blocks.

I've spent more than 400 hours building in my map and have probably filled 1sq. Km. at the most.