League of Legends Champ Designer Gives Some Real Talk On Sexy Characters

Yesterday, Riot introduced the world to Taliyah, League of Legends’ next playable champion. For the most part, people responded very positively toward Taliyah. Champion designer Daniel Klein responded to the vocal minority against Taliyah, however, by stating that “Restricting body types is limiting to us as creators.”

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JordanFantasize1528d ago

Hello CALLOFDUTYFAN, awesome article once again. I agree with this, there’s some great changes through
this update and I know for a fact there are going to be some people talking about Taliyah for a long time. I completely agree, when they say “Restricting body types is limiting to us as creators”. As long as people are having fun then that’s all that matters.

You can’t have fun when you’re losing all the time though, like me :( I found this LoL guide and was going to grab it, any advice on whether I should get it or not? Thanks in advance Please help me on this I want to rank up ASAP.