EA Access is Too Good

Jason Stettner of Gamerheadquarters writes "One of the more surprising aspects of the current generation has been the real turnaround from EA and its treatment of gamers."

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BranWheatKillah1528d ago

Legitimately, there are people that use this service? I've never met one.

lindquist1528d ago

Legitimately, I dont believe you. Either that or you dont have friends with an Xbox One.

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nX1528d ago

Sorry but judging by the last 10 years, EA does not make good enough games for a subscription service like this.

BranWheatKillah1527d ago

Sports titles and old shooters do not a good service make, unless you like those things.

ScorpiusX1528d ago

Hello , nice to meet you ...........

freshslicepizza1528d ago

i've never met one who uses playstation now either but at least that is being offered as an option. with ea access it's only $30 a year and they just added another game, pga golf.

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lastking951528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Hello, is it me you're looking for?

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Lonnie181528d ago

I don't really like alot of EA games besides Dead Space, Burnout, and Mass Effect! I wouldn't get the service because it's just mostly racing, sports games, and oh yeah it's on X1...

ScorpiusX1528d ago

Wow damn look at all these sport games
Battlefield hardline
Dragon Age
Battlefield 4
Garden Warfare
Need for speed

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TheColbertinator1528d ago

I gave the services a couple of tries and it doesn't work for me too well. EA games apart from Mirrors Edge and Bioware games dont interest me at all.

EA gives me 10 percent off for the new Mirrors Edge but Best Buy gives me 20 percent off GCU to boot along with a physical copy.

Bruh1528d ago

Didn't know Best Buy gave you free EA Sports titles and Titanfall and other shooters for free as well.

showtimefolks1528d ago

EA and too good doesn't match in my humble opinion

they are the main reason for most of the bad practices in gaming

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welly3001528d ago

It's must have if you like sports games.
But for me I wouldn't bother not many games on there I'd play. If Sony's streaming games service worked as advertised it would be better value but it lags.

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