Western Publishers Very Likely to Support Nintendo NX

Ty at Aussie-Gamer writes: Michael Pachter is at it again, panning another Nintendo product — in this case, Nintendo NX — almost a year before it launches and months before we get any details whatsoever on the product itself."

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Maybay1111d ago

If the NX is easy to port to and the ROI makes sense, 3rd parties will be there.

The Wii U was an abnormality. It was closer to the seventh gen, though was more capable. Underpowered when compared to the eighth gen, so porting titles didn't make sense financially. Nintendo doesn't have to compete on a "best hardware specs" level, though they need to even the playing field and not get left behind like the Wii U was.

Anyways - the way Nintendo has the NX setup, it seems like they've taken it upon themselves into creating a development landscape where they only need to delv a title once, which can then be applied to any of their future platforms with ease. Making the NX region-free could also alleviate fractured software launches.

freshslicepizza1110d ago

if its easy to port i agree but they wont likely take advantage of any gimmick, which we all know nintendo is hard to let go of. if there is a gimmick it needs to be optional and this is where nintendo fails because they believe the hardware is built around the software.

EddieNX 1111d ago (Edited 1111d ago )

If the architecture is similar then 3rd parties should happily put their games on it. The WiiU was bad for 3rd party devs to work with in the end, hopefully NX is more conventional even if there is an optional gimmik.

Hoffmann1111d ago

Yeah, just how they supported the wiiU amirite?

Shubhendu_Singh1111d ago

Just making a powerful console isn't enough to attract third party anymore (especially in the case of Nintendo)

There are lots of elements involved that 3rd party asks of you. The marketing, do you have other games on your platforms which resonates with the game focused on our researched demographic, how are you going to treat us for bundled copies with console?, and how much are you willing to market it. MS / PS is familiar grounds. Nintendo is not for 3rd party. So Nintendo needs to make that extra step, just making a powerful console is only one part of the equation.

Call me dubious, I would love to see Nintendo going on with the Top2's now, but NX isn't going to win third party support. NX will probably been made in a way that you can play 3DS (or their next handheld) titles on NX too, filling the gaps between 2 actual console titles, which was the problem for WiiU. NX will be all first party force and it will work !!

RPG12011111d ago

I am kind of glad. As a hardocore games they should restructure their focus I haven't love Nintendo since like the gamecube

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The story is too old to be commented.