Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Will Have A Beta

When preordering Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare at retailers, there is an extra code that appears on the receipt that says “this code is for a future offer,” and all it says is it redeem the code on The offer is set to be revealed at a later date. Earlier this morning, we stopped

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x1-Boricua231109d ago

We don't want it. I rather have a beta to play cod4 remaster😂😂

Ricegum1107d ago

*you don't want it. Lots of others do.

Get_A_Job_Foxtrot1109d ago

What is the point of a beta for a game that is still using the same engine? Also you have to buy the game first? Then you're stuck with the game even if you didn't like what you saw in beta. Which is a real possibility, considering the game is being developed by the guys who made the terrible MW3, Ghosts and Advance Warfare. Yuck.

souljah451109d ago

MW3 and AW were made by Sledgehammer. Infinity ward made MW, Ghosts and Infinite