Nioh’s Demo Is Good For Us All

Pixelgate writes:

''Team Ninja’s Nioh is full of fresh ideas and nice concepts. After spending a good 2 hours playing the demo, I was impressed. The one thing that stood out was the fact that it was a demo. It’s so rare to see demos released free of charge, which is quite sad. I can’t recall the last time I had been able to truly try a game in such a manner. The modern method of pre-order ‘betas’, almost asking the player to pay-to-try, has never sat well with me.''

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Momo1181117d ago

looks interesting. will be giving it a try.

PixelGateUk1117d ago

it's worth a shot, lots of nice ideas

Phil321117d ago

One of the few things the Wii U does right-- lots of demos compared to the competition. hehe

PixelGateUk1117d ago

for sure, the 3ds has plenty of demos too

Shubhendu_Singh1116d ago

Has any console game have done this "choose your graphical setting" thing ?
Action Mode (720p60fps) and Cinematic mode (1080p30fps).

NewMonday1116d ago

remember BF3 on PS3 had graphic options that can be turned off to help performance

freshslicepizza1116d ago

bioshock allowd you to turn off v-sync to get better frame rates

starchild1116d ago

Yeah, Infamous Second Son allowed you to lock the framerate at 30fps or run with it unlocked. The Last of Us Remastered also allowed you to lock the framerate at 30fps.

The "movie" mode in Nioh actually doesn't run at 1080p. It uses dynamic resolution scaling, but seems to average around 900p.

uth111116d ago

Not really a demo, an alpha test that ends tomorrow