See what some of your favorite Nintendo 64 games would look like with an HD makeover

"A graphical designer and Nintendo super fan recreated some classic N64 game levels in HD. See how these recreations stack up against the originals."

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Overload1521d ago

The slider is pretty cool.

vikingland11520d ago

Nintendo should've done this already. I would buy them for sure.

garrettbobbyferguson1520d ago

Jesus, the Ocarina of Time and Super Mario 64 one are god awful. People complain that the bloom in Wind Waker HD is too much, and here is an example of a sky that is nothing but bloom. The Ocarina of time one looks like the room is one giant mirror. So bad looking. The other two look decent though. That Donkey Kong 64 image looks pretty good and they maintained an art style that is similar to the original game's intended one.