Carmageddon – Max Damage New Screens for Xbox One and Playstation 4

Carl Williams writes, "Carmageddon is one of those series that has been berated by family support groups while being lapped up by fans across the world. At least where it is allowed to be sold anyhow. Starting life way back on PC’s before Windows was the #1 way to play games on computers, Carmageddon has seen it all. As the series went on the physics were improved along with the graphics. Ending kind of abruptly with the third entry the series saw a few console and hand held ports pop up. It has been a long time coming but another release in the series is upon us. Carmageddon – Max Damage is now coming to the Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles. Pre-orders are open and include some interesting extras. Now, about that release date."

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Eidolon1524d ago

Click it and it will pop a page with all of them.

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It is a gallery of shots. As @Eidolon mentioned, click it and you will see the others. Thanks for reading!