Video in Video Games: The Past, Present, and Future of FMV

"Full-Motion Video (alternatively referenced as "Live Action") has been a part of video games for a long time, with a bizarre history. As a genre, FMV-games are arguably most known for Dragon's Lair (1983), Night Trap (1992), the Command & Conquer series (starting in 1995), and the recent indie darling Her Story (2015) by Sam Barlow. The above list includes a Don Bluth animated classic lampooning the classic "save the princess" plot; a campy horror game with a needlessly negative reputation considering its production value and relative tameness; a series of Real-Time Strategy games that have cutscenes such as Tim Curry as a Russian general going back in time to assassinate Albert Einstein; and a game made of reviewing police interviews with a young woman in the middle of a complex mystery."

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