Gene Simmons and KISS Can't Play Rock Band

GameXtract writes "It's a simple fact that playing rock band will most likely not increase your ability to play a real instrument. It might improve your hand eye coordination, and rhythm but its no Hollywood band maker. This concept seems to also work vice versa. Gene Simmons and the rest of the KISS band tried the game out on the Gene Simmons Family Jewels show, and as you can guess they failed horribly. Two attempts were caught on tape, both rounds they managed to fail the song. On another note the show can be found to be a bit cheesy, but it's quite satisfying watching a big band like KISS fail at the music genre of gaming. Video after the jump!'

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Silogon3756d ago

It's satasfying that one of the wolrds greatest rock acts, this side of U2 and the Rolling stones, can actually create good music and not replicate Simon-like button taps??? Please tell me the skill in this. I'd love to know. Hitting timed button presses to the beat of a song you created in "real" time on "REAL" instruments trumps anything Plastic button hero could ever humiliate you with.

big shadow3756d ago

that was so hilarious. KISS rocks