Battleborn Feels Just Like Any Other MOBA

The new FPS from Gearbox, Battleborn, is out and Yami from Twinfinite Video just had to play some of it for you.

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SocialShy1116d ago

To let another MOBA into my life is the true question.

Khaotic1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

Battle born is garbage, overwatch is where it's at

Hitoemi1115d ago

Didnt seem like a Moba to me as I never played against other players. It felt more like co op arena shooter.

The_Kills1115d ago

*Pretends to be gearbox shot caller*

Hey guys, I got an idea, you know that game called Bordersomething you did hat made us quite a bit of money, and you had plans to do another one taking advantage of some next gen hardware so you can give the fans a new entry in the series?

Yah lets forget about that, there cant be anymore money in that idea these days, MOBAs where its at... Also, be quick about it, this is a fad fading faster than all hell.