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EB: It’s a shame that Sony didn’t have DrinkBox Studios’s Severed a few years ago during the Vita’s launch, because it is easily one of the system’s most intuitive and best titles to date, which is a shame to think about now after the handheld has all but been forgotten by its creators. Severed, unlike most of the games made for the Vita, fully takes advantage of the unit’s touch controls in a non-gimmicky way to create an immersive journey through its beautiful and colorful world, while guiding its heroine through a depressing yet emotional narrative. Its simplistic touch controls keep the gameplay feeling fresh and frenetic, while allowing you the player to become one with its lead character, but the charming visuals and perfect map design are what keep you swiping through its 5-8 hour campaign (depends on player skill) to see how the lead character’s adventure pans out.

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NukaCola1117d ago

If you own a Vita, this is a must buy. I enjoyed the near 8 hour story, exploration and sweet obtainable platinum. This is definitely one of the best games on the device.