'Uncharted 4' is one of the most beautiful video games I've ever played

The "Uncharted" series goes out with a bang. And fans are going to be blown away.

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Genuine-User1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

I'm reading similar opinions from people that have played it early. Only 6 days to go :)

Gaf members that managed to play UC4 earlier than expected had this to say:

"This is without question the most beautiful game ever made. The level of detail present is staggering" - MiamiWesker

"Graphics are on another level. Best overall presentation I've witnessed. Usually games are all over the place with some areas looking good and some looking bad. Uncharted looks good no matter what. Consistency with graphics is a big draw for me and ND have delivered consistency" - Venom Fox

"Visuals are mightily impressive the PS4 is a beast for a console and ND are just beyond talented in all aspects of game development and it really shows it's honestly just unbelievable for a console game" - Brigandier

"Graphics are jaw-dropping. Never seen anything like it" - Chalupa Batman

"It's the best playing, most varied, most beautiful game they have ever made. To me this is the new standard as classic or masterpiece of a game this gen goes as far as a total package" - SlasherJPC

Overload1112d ago

Yeah, all the impressions have been extremely positive.

Letthewookiewin1112d ago

Future me has sent a message. It reads "this game is amazing".

LOL_WUT1112d ago

I got finals during that week, so i'm going to have to fight the urge just a little bit longer. ;)

seanpitt231112d ago

If the Ps4 can achieve these graphics then what's the point of the neo. Can't we wait another 3 years for the ps5 to come out I just don't get it.

Bathyj1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

That's the point. You don't have to get it.

Get it?

Xavy1112d ago

Even better Graphics
etc etc..

If you dont think none of these are a must-have then dont buy it = Simple.
Stop complaining.

seanpitt231112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

Not complaining I will be the first to buy it but I think they are doing it more for the VR than anything else and to make games look this good and be able to hit 60fps and not having to choose between the two. Resolution or performance. I think 4k is a bit optimistic with the rumored specs.

Forn1112d ago

It's probably to be able to play ALL games in native 1080p, as well as have a bump up in frames-per-second to a solid/unwavering 60 compared to their vanilla PS4 counterpart. I feel like the visual fidelity will most likely remain inherently the same as far as graphical effects across both platforms. I'm just assuming that though.

Silly gameAr1112d ago

If the PS4 can achieve those kinds of graphics, then the people who aren't interested in the NEO, shouldn't have to worry about getting one.

cbuc11251112d ago

If you want to wait, who is stopping you? Dont be a sheep...follow your own mind!

Dragonking0071112d ago

Sadly the internet extremely vocal and devs now have a word in what they want to develop there games and want probably more flexibility with how there content handled and probably pushing out waaay more and probably warning sony that they want to deliver every game at there fullest fidelity, and ps4 has been selling very well so why not sell more by releasing something more updated hardware.

LamerTamer1111d ago

Until graphics look photo real, have no pop up, run at 60 FPS or more, then there will always be room for better hardware. A high end PC crushes the PS4 in power and will still crush the Neo. There is always room for improvement. I would buy a PS4 Neo DX + for $1000.00 if it was equivalent to a high end PC.

MagicBeanz1111d ago

Wrong article, take your gripping elsewhere.

kraenk121111d ago

It will upscale to 4K. The actual PS4 can only output 4K at 30 Hz.

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DigitalRaptor1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

Great work compiling those quotes, Genuine.

I named this the best looking game ever from the story trailer footage.
Don't see anything coming along any time soon to dethrone it.

Looks like the final game impresses in spades.
A masterpiece, all round? Reviews on Thursday, gon' be fun!

butchertroll1112d ago (Edited 1112d ago )

Looks like there will be a near perfect or perfect score from Game Informer :

Tweet :
Andy McNamara ‏@GI_AndyMc
I finished Uncharted 4's story mode today, and let's just say I can't wait for the embargo to lift.

Bathyj1112d ago ShowReplies(9)
TheHatedHumanist1111d ago

It's another 2D cookie cutter movie-game.

Uncharted is equal to a pile of feces to me. I'm playing virtual reality right now with my HTC Vive.

1111d ago
cd11111d ago

Dont worry about it princess, you don't get to play it anyway.

fenome1111d ago

Cool story bro, we're all very impressed...

butchertroll1111d ago

Here is also some impressions :

I am about 4 1/2 hours into the game and just started chapter 8.

I own a 4K TV and primarily game on my PC with two Titan X graphics cards. I keep my PS4 for exclusive games and as a Blu-ray disc player. When I say that Uncharted 4 is one of the most graphically impressive games I've ever played, I really mean it. This game is incredible in its graphical fidelity. Even most games at 4K resolution can't match it. This is the most impressive console game ever made, and it holds its own against most PC games on ultra settings in 4K.

The story is good so far. It's good, not great. Better than UC3 and UC2, but not as good as TLOU. I feel ND hit a real high water mark with TLOU, and I'm pretty sure that UC4 isn't going to be able to beat it.

They being said, I'm only 1/3 through the game, so that could change, but at this point that seems increasingly unlikely.

The animations are incredible. The melee combat is seamless and jaw dropping, unlike the bizarre and clunky melee of the previous games.

The pacing is intentionality glacial at first, and it really services the story. I love the pacing. It's a bold move by ND to not throw players into the action, and it really serves the story and characters.

Gunplay is snappy and responsive and not nearly as floaty as before. It's perfect, actually.

The game is shaping up to be the best Uncharted game yet. But for those that prefer TLOU and its tone and direction, you may be disappointed.

Regardless, I'm having fun. I just hope gameplay can marry the story and achieve the perfect heights of TLOU. We shall see...

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DiscoKid1112d ago

All you gotta do is walk outside to see better graphics. Kappa.

WeAreLegion1112d ago

I don't know about you, but my back yard doesn't look as good as Uncharted 4. And I have a lake view.

1111d ago
S2Killinit1112d ago

Are you suggesting outside my house looks like hymalaya?

Letthewookiewin1112d ago

My cat is really pixelated and isn't running at 60fps. I'll stick with UC4.

Movefasta19931112d ago

Where I live in London ,the graphics are on point,but it looks bland and gray.UC4 looks way better.

Forn1112d ago

Much more like The Order old chap? Cherio!

1111d ago
THC CELL1112d ago

the human eye is 576 megapixels—but really only about 7 megapixels matter.

Uncharted is awesome been playing it at work guys take a day off to finish the game a out 10 times before u go back

Bathyj1112d ago

Its funny but the game Detroit is going to look better than the City Detroit.

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GNCFLYER1112d ago

Damn spoilers. He said to much.

GrubsterBeater1112d ago

I'm on my second playthrough on NG+. I can't get enough of it. Also got the RYNO for my whole second playthrough. Lol

I highly recommend R&C. Not only is it an amazing game, but it is one of the best platformers I've played in years, it stays true to the Ratchet & Clank name, and it has a really good replayability factor.

CrazedFiend1111d ago

I'm glad Uncharted took a step back and gave [email protected] some time, cuz when that game comes out, I'm afraid the rest of the world is going to disappear.

UltraNova1111d ago

Yeah I have to finish DS3 (do and find everything in NG) then play R&C then play U4 and then go back to DS3 for NG+ 1-3 or 4...then pvp for another 150hrs...GOD I hate this life draining game so much that I love it.

Wallstreet371111d ago


You sound like me lol I love Ratchet but got about half way and put it down for Dark Souls 3. Im now on my NG+ but will put it down as soon as Uncharted gets to me. I also put down MLB The Show and have to get back to it, as well as salt and sanctuary!!!! Too many damn games and not enough time.

UltraNova1111d ago

I feel you bro...Btw feel free to add me (PM me)for some jolly DS3 coop or duel anytime!

Inzo1112d ago

Dammit, my wallet hand has a serious itch. I really have to stop reading these articles.

G20WLY1112d ago

Go on, scratch it - you know you wanna! ;^D

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