10 Things The Xbox 360 Messed Up Horrendously

Some are saying the Xbox 360 was "the best ever". That doesn't mean it didn't make some huge mistakes on the way - so ScreenCritics decided to take a look back at the 10 biggest!

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gamer11381530d ago

Faceplates and the core? Had to dig deep there. And launch day stock shortages? Gonna hold that against the Wii as well? RROD and the live outage are real issues. The HD DVD didn't really hurt anyone. It was an option but honestly as a consumer I would never pick a side in the middle of a format war.

Shaun2k51530d ago

Faceplates were bigged up by Microsoft as a huge selling point; something no one used outside of novelty.

HD DVD would have stood a better chance if Microsoft had integrated it into the console. Microsoft's unwillingness to back it fully meant consumers never got the confidence

Launch issues were disgustingly bad for the Xbox 360 and the Core was a terrible idea. Why force people to spend another £80 to get the functionality they wanted in the first place?

jb2271530d ago

"The HD DVD didn't really hurt anyone."

Anyone except for fans of cinema....fairly large cross over w/ the gaming audience there. PS3 owners got a cheap "& solid start on the HD format from launch, 360 film fans that wanted to own HD content were only out the price of the drive & the cost of whatever library they were able to amass, which may have cost them hundreds of dollars. So yeah, I'd say it hurt a few people.

Faceplates & shortages definitely aren't issues, but RRoD was easily the most catastrophic console failure in the history of gaming. I've literally never met a 360 owner who didn't fall victim to it pre-elite, and that's saying something. HD DVD was absolutely an issue as well.

Bottom line is that the main & arguably only area that the 360 was a success in was the online realm. The console came up short in nearly every other aspect. RRoD, HD DVD failure, all streaming behind a pay wall, few worthwhile notable exclusives & nearly none on the later years...the 360 was far from the "greatest console ever" tag that some sites have hoisted on it. It's only fair that a single article points out its numerous flaws while a handful of others sing it's praises.

RosweeSon1530d ago

It didn't hurt anyone but it's bad enough getting a video collection then it's DVD then blu Ray if gone HD-DVD I would not have been impressed they dropped to peanuts after a year or so and can see why.

Mikefizzled1530d ago

I think this should have been a 5 point list. The 'core' edition, DVD scratching, RROD,Kinect obsession and subscriptions for subscriptions. The last being the fact that using some subscription based services like Netflix and free services like Youtube are behind the XBL Gold paywall. Absolutely bonkers.

Shaun2k51530d ago

Very much so and Microsoft doesn't seem to have learned fully from that.

Ruggadagod1530d ago

RROD. I've never had a console die on me in 11 months. Never went back and bought a PS3.

RosweeSon1530d ago

I did my original Xbox barely even used the thing as well 9 months down the line let's use Xbox... Or it's dead. Pretty much a one off compared to Xbox 360 those things were about as reliable as a chocolate teapot.

Ruggadagod1530d ago

Please tell me you don't actually think YLOD compares to RROD. LMAO. Drone detected.

343_Guilty_Spark1530d ago

I know Sony wouldn't repair my YLOD fat 60gb without me paying $150.

And I don't know anyone with a functioning fat. They all seem to YLOD after extended use over the years, requiring you to reball or reflow the unit

RosweeSon1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

85 million or so ps3s sold same with Xbox 360 how many YLOD? Not all that many a million maybe? 2 million.... Xbox 360 must have lost between 10-15 million minimum it's not great either way but it's not even close but like ps4/Xbox Done. I joke it's Nintendo that are doomed making all that money. Mine luckily didn't do YLOD and I had a launch day my problem was the blu Ray just died wouldn't pick the discs up it would read DVD's so was clearly the blu Ray drive it was odd tho mass eject reinsert it might notice it sometimes and when it did worked for hours fine just getting it to resister the blu Ray in the drive sure Sony wanted to charge me 2-3 years down the line... I suppose Microsoft do lifetime free repairs do they... No they do a year like everyone else they were forced to do longer due to knowingly selling dodgy products no console on history has failed anywhere near as much as launch Xbox 360's did.

Liqu1d1530d ago

Not even on the same level as the RROD. Sony didn't repair your imaginary console because the warranty had expired. RROD was a widespread issue, YLOD wasn't.

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Pogmathoin1530d ago

A new xbox in 2008 would not have had rrod......

Mikefizzled1530d ago

It could. RROD was just a self-diagnosis of problems. The 3 quarters circle typically meant serious hardware failure.Whilst they may have resolved the solder based issue that plagued early adopters it doesn't mean that it was immune from other issues. My OG 360 from '08 RRODed twice on me, just not a fatal hardware failure.

Ruggadagod1529d ago

Yes it would have because I bought a brand new one in 2008 and it died 11 months later.

Babadook71530d ago

The most glaring issue was the lack of quality exclusives compared to PS3.

Why o why1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

.......But they the richest tho....we play their wealth nt games dummy /s

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