Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline's Premium Free via EA Access; Some DLC Free on PS4 & PC Too

This is the first time the full premium membership has gone ‘free’ on Xbox One, via EA Access or through XBL Gold.

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donwel1113d ago

Just had a look on the PS webstore and it doesn't look as though any of the DLC is free (aside from Legacy Ops and Night Ops, but they were free anyway).
Looks as though I'll have to re install the game on my PS4 and take a butchers on there instead.

majorw21113d ago

The Robbery DLC for Battlefield Hardline is free on the PSN store, just grabbed it

Kribwalker1113d ago

EA Access is the best sub model in the buisness

Kemo_Spear1113d ago

If the author of this article did their research (this site never does btw), they would have found out that it is not part of "EA Access", like they claim. Instead It is being offered as part of the "Road to Battlefield" promotion.

Here is the real story,

Talk about lazy journalism.

YinYangGaming1113d ago

The article was published before the road to Battlefield promotion was announced, and even then that only refers to some individual DLC packs (Dragon's teeth) whereas the Premium memberships are only offered on Xbox One via EA access

1112d ago