505 Games Confirms Terraria Wii U Release Dates and Details

Nintendo Life: Terraria has made its way to the 3DS already, but due to the portable's limitations it doesn't deliver all of the features from the full-fat home console versions. The good news for Wii U fans is that firm release dates for the system's iteration have been confirmed, along with details on its various features.

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rjason121521d ago

Well there's one more retail game for 2016!

NotoriousWhiz1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

The last wii u game.

It's too bad I already bought terraria for my 360, ps3, vita, and x1.

rjason121521d ago

I sincerely doubt that it's the last Wii U game.

wonderfulmonkeyman1521d ago

Yookah-Laylee says hi.
So does Bloodstained, though that is coming out later.
Oh, and Mighty No. 9, as well.
I could go on.
I won't. But I could.

Perjoss1521d ago

Hey wonderful, dont forget Zelda!