The New Xbox Experience, Part I: My Xbox 360

Interscription has a series of articles analyzing some of the recent news releases regarding the new Xbox 360 dashboard. The first is about the home page, "My Xbox 360".

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GiantEnemyCrab3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Looking forward to the dashboard update(sans Avatars) and it looks to make navigation and getting straight to the gaming faster than ever. Good to see MS continuing to be the online leader this gen.

Fox013757d ago

all I really care about is the full install option and the 8-man private chat.

heyheyhey3757d ago

pffft... enjoy it while it lasts, which wont be long

once support for trophies becomes standard and Home launches- it will be all over for XBL

couple that with amazing newly announced and existing software on the PSN, excellent line-up of MMO's on the PSN from SOE and NCsoft and ever-evolving feature set, rumored to soon include screen-grabbing and confirmed to soon include youtube upload support

oh yeah and MAG says hi...

and so does all the other great PS3-exclusive online software available and upcoming like SOCOM, Warhawk, MGO, UT3 with Mods, Killzone 2, Resistance 2, LittleBigPlanet (big one that) and many others

MS leads nothing

3757d ago
Omega43757d ago

How is it living in dream world eh?

MS leads the online industry and with the New Xbox Experience HOME WILL be left in the dust and PSN further in the ever growing sandstorm that XBL will cover it in!

The fact you have to come into a 360 thread and attempt to praise an incomplete service just proves how fearful you are of XBL

danarc3757d ago

Tell me how cell failed.

Silellak3757d ago

My online service can beat up your online service.

jack who3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )


it failed cuzz sony sold its rights to the cell faster then the ps3 can do 4D 1080P @ 240FPS...

lol it's succesful if it's being bought. if it was succesful they would have kept their share

danarc3757d ago

That's not failing, would that not suggest that it's succesful if it's being bought?

3757d ago
DJ3757d ago

._. Tacking on the word "Cell" doesn't magically make that statement logical.

heyheyhey3757d ago

forgot to mention things like Life with Playstation, the excellent video store, the upcoming VidZone and music store services and the highly successful [email protected] application

wake up 360 boys

by Q2 2009 PSN will have surpassed XBL.... but you'll still be the one's paying


Sitdown3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

"by Q2 2009 PSN will have surpassed XBL.... but you'll still be the one's paying "

Hmmmmm........while you are talking about Q2 2009, 360 users are enjoying right now. Let us we watch The Dark Knight now.....or do we wait until Q2 2009 when its own cable tv for free? You see where I am going here? least wait until 2009 to start talking mess....not now when all you got is vapors. And I say that as an owner of both sound like the little kid that has all the expectation of their dad coming through for them.....and then what happens when they don't? You look bad for believing so hard. So again.....while you are talking about what is suppose to be.......360 users are enjoying right now......and enjoying right now is better in my opinion.

TheMART3757d ago

@ heyheyhey

If we had to believe Sony:

PSN would have been equal to XBL from launch of the PS3 at the end of 2006

PSN would equal XBL with FW update 2.41

The PS3 should have launched at the beginning of 2006 world wide

Home would have been here in fall 2007

Well I think I don't have to carry on. Sony has a large, large trackrecord of overpromising and underdelivering. Even after two years in its lifecycle it is struggling to even keep up on XBL with a far distance. Trophies are missing in the complete old library of games. For example an important game like COD4 won't get them confirmed by the dev. Even new games are missing out. The Naruto dev said he wouldn't work with trophies. As he also disliked the motion controlling included in the PS3 controller.

Thus: trophies are and will be gimed because they are not forced to be used.

Cross game chat and invite with a unified friendlist isn't working like promised after 2.41 FW. If Sony can't get it right after allmost two years, when will they?

Oh wait, you're again talking about the future, 2009. Even IF, read IF Sony would get it right to equal the current XBL, MS will be many steps ahead and introduce the next thing online that will keep it lightyears ahead of PSN. That's just the way it is. The money we pay for XBL gets invested, which can pay people that work on XBL. Things that are free have less cash flow to be invested thus are done half and stay gimped (read: PSN).

In two years time we'll speak again, like I did with many PS3 fans two years ago. They promised me a XBL killer within months. Then within a few months. Then within a year. You say 2009 so it became years. I bet the PS3 has PSN Beta and with the PS4 it may finally be where XBL is now.

jaysquared3756d ago

Funny how PS3 fans are saying its all over for Microsoft/XBL once Sony is done copying their service!

Bubble Buddy3756d ago

To be fair, all companies copy off of each other. Look at the picture for the story, remind you of anything? Like XMB combined with iPHONE.

elitewh0re3756d ago

^ you mean it looks a bit like windows media centre?
honestly can't see xmb in it at all...

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Fishy Fingers3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Really looking forward to a refreshing screen staring back at me. Grew tired of the "blades" a long time ago. Not so excited about the avatars though, hopefully there will be an option to "hide" them as much as possible. Id rather keep the photos/images my friends currently have.

fufotrufo3757d ago

LOL..when trophies become standard ..many people are going to be playing the ps4 and when home releases and people realize you are doing even less thing that what you can do on XBL ..they wont even care for this boring lobby that is more than likely to crash in the first hours and get taken down ..just like their simple updates :)

You can't kill XBL when you are playing catch up ... you will end up having the same things people had for years ..and in this case ..less things

Fishy Fingers3757d ago

Home releases this year, mandatory trophy support begins Jan 1st 2009.

Fox013757d ago

does that mean SFIV will support Trophies?

3757d ago
3757d ago
Sitdown3757d ago

No...they said that trophy support will not be if they released an update later on down the road...that will be a different story.

InMyOpinion3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Show me a link where Sony confirms mandatory trophy support for all games? And if so will it be added from start or after the game is released like now?

I'm pretty sure that was just a select few developers confirming trophy support for a total of 13 titles. hat doesn't sound mandatory to me.

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SmokingMonkey3757d ago

side to side, up and down?

what happened to those cool rainbow bright blades you guys were so fond of?

zo6_lover273757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

No, it looks like a Zune+Windows Media center Hybrid.

They didn't copy Sony with this one.

Its not like avatars which were a Home+Mii hybrid.



Aw, screw it.

Fox013757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )


SmokingMonkey3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

come out with XMB before the ZUNE? idk 100% on those dates

still what was wrong with the blades? can 360 still use it like different themes?

Dark Collosis3757d ago

So how is that HOME you were promissed back in 2007 working out for you guys anyways?? WHAT HOMELESS YOU BE!!! Sorry to hear that see unlike sony MS is much better at sticking with there promisses....

zo6_lover273757d ago

The Zune interface is nothing like the XMB, not even close, its more of a ripoff of the Ipod interface, and its the sole reason I got the Ipod instead of the Zune.
Its only like the Zune in the way it looks, not the way it works, It works(from what I can see) more like Widows media center, which I'm not to fond of.

I don't know whats wrong with blades either, But now that I think about it, this could be better than blades, I still won't get one though.

DJ3757d ago

I've lost faith in the education system.

SmokingMonkey3757d ago

idk i wont buy a zune or a 360 but good argument guys. except the HOME comment? WTF was that all about? It's comin relax, be patient.

but yeah 360 fall update looks nice.

pwnsause3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

PSP wasnt the first to have the XMB. THe first to Have XMB was the PSX. PSX=PS 2.5 it even had a home button on the remote control, heres a pic. oh and Home is Coming this year, sorry Bot, this was announced in 2007 and its coming Now in 2008, 1 1/2 year difference.

So what happen to the vaporware you call ALAN WAIT?

Dark Collosis3757d ago

Obviously you completely missed the sarcastic humor in the comment.. Only to pick apart the very small details of it to try to defend against it. Thats ok though there may be hope for you yet. Maybe next time instead of trying to insult me for your sonylove. You will come up with a better response to my comment Mr. DJ. Educate this ,.!.. Oh btw. "Do you have a HOME yet"? Exactly.......

GMR_PR3757d ago

Funny how PS3 fans mention ALAN WAIT. When they have been waiting for everything PS3 related, almost two years now since PS3 came out and they only got one AAA exclusive, i guess they like to wait beyond.

foodbox3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Are you people for real?

This is the Twist Interface. It is used Windows Media Center and Zune SW.

Windows Media Center was released in **2002***. Are you saying the XMB looks like WMC? Because WMC was released in *2002* while PS3 in 2006.

@1.8 RE: PSX, it was released in 2003 (again, after WMC in 2002).

You == epic fail.

jack who3757d ago


sonyfans thinks they own everything

DJ3757d ago

I really don't know where this "ME FIRST" outlook came from. As for menus, it's not like they'd force us to navigate diagonally.

Pain3756d ago (Edited 3756d ago )

just opposite. and not over lapping.

M$ Copy's once again , Xbox fans to stupid to see it. proof is in the above bot posters.

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mindedone3757d ago

The conversation in this post is not.

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