What Crysis Warhead Was Suppose to Look Like

GameXtract writes "If their is one title this fall that will allow you to show off your PC then it's Crysis Warhead. This game will be making it's debut on September 12th in Europe, and the 16th in North America. New footage of the game has surfaced on the Internet, but its not exactly game play footage. The video is titled "concept Video" in the sense that this was a prototype shown to describe what the developers were aiming for. This off-screen camera does not display great quality, and the person sitting in front of him gets in the way of the camera at the end, but regardless this video footage shows how packed the concept Warhead would have been. The screen is literally filled with explosions, flying aliens, choppers, and squads of soldiers. Most likely this level did not make the cut. I could just imagine how many computers would crash because of all the on screen activity. Concept video after the jump!"

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Fishy Fingers3705d ago

WOW, I'm glad they did away with that large ginger head. That would of annoyed me.

kittoo3705d ago

They were nice and wow when they just came in gaming. But now, they are overused. I am glad that they didnt put that level in game.

Statix3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

What's interesting is that this concept video of what Warhead was supposed to be like is what Killzone 2 ended up ultimately being (lotsa explosions and scripted events and things of that sort). The whole thing reminded me of KZ2 as I was watching it.

Not that that type of game is my cup of tea either. I hate scripted, linear games/shooters.

wrshredder3704d ago

That was how games should be like. Crazy sh*t allover!

Dmack793704d ago

It reminds me of how Killzone 2 already looks. =D

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