AFRIKA: The first 10minutes

Hit the jump now to view the first 10 minutes of AFRIKA!

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Fishy Fingers3705d ago

take sometime out of your trolling and get some sleep then.

PSWe603705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

of time on his hands.
Your 360 at the shop again?

cr33ping_death3705d ago

another 360 fanboy who wants d!ck in his mouth. so many yawners.


incredible ;) zerodin if you dont like it shut up !

just becous its a ps3 exclusive you hate it, and everuy game dosent HAVE to be a shooter. look at the graphics this game can NEVER be done on a 360 ;)

Fox013705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

yeah, it probably won't fit on 20 discs coz the graphics are too "AWesome".
Reading the comments of likes as you is just like watching comedy central, you guys are hilarious.

GiantEnemyCrab3705d ago

LOL @ Fox. It is like Comedy Central if you mixed in One Flew Over the Cookoo's nest. The PS3 gamers are so butthurt about being in last place and having their console the joke of gaming for the last year and a half has made them unstable (in a spoiled brat you would love to punch right in the face kinda way).

heyheyhey3705d ago

errr... come again??

i think the widespread RROD issue among others have helped make the 360 the stand-out joke of the industry

while the PS3 just keeps getting better and better with more games, exclusives, features and more

the 360 is making its final stand in 2008, its all over next year

darkwing3705d ago

woah, that is one mad hippo

xm15e2s3705d ago

Watching that video was like watching paint dry. lol

I can't see this game selling well.

Laexerias3705d ago

They are going to take over the world... *scream*

jwatt3705d ago

For a minute I was like why is this the player just sitting there but then I realized if you want to get good pictures you have to have patience.

Overr8ed3705d ago

looks great but it lacks one thing Gameplay, When i see more active gameplay videos then I might check this game out. that hippo attack was interesting though. Trophies support?

rickjames3705d ago

if they made a game like this bt in the dinasaur age. that would be awsome

LiquifiedArt3705d ago

This is such a CHILL out and Relax game. I'm alwasy down for somethign like that. Its a perfect downloadable title. Same goes for any kind of multiplayer party games. Both are great for Downloads and they can be used extensiviely so Resell value is not a big deal.

Doppy3705d ago

I know I said this like a million times, but this needs to be a part of home. The only place I can see this game selling well is Japan. This should be a cheap PSN title you can buy for Home to give you places to explore.

hazeblaze3704d ago

If this is a PSN game then it will be a must buy for me... if it is a $60 game, not so much. But I certainly find it interesting... I wonder what money is used for in the game??? It's definitely something different and looks kind of cool.

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Nitrowolf23705d ago

The graphics are incredible.

vitz33705d ago

You're kidding right? It seems like they spent all their budget on the animals and forgot the environments and character models.

meepmoopmeep3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

this is a photo shooting game.
there's a reason they focused more on the animals than anything else.

i hope the Asia version has English much like Siren or at least have a Western version arrive one day.

Nitrowolf23705d ago

no i wasnt joking, The graphics for the game are indeed good. But its not my type of game. The point of the game is about the animals and how they react to there surrounderings while w take a picture of them.

Dir_en_grey3705d ago

Amazon has the US version dated for 12/30 or something like that.

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Prumemaster3705d ago

This is just depressing. So much work went into the world, and it looks AMAZING! But the gameplay looks like crap....Being a hunter would have probably sparked my interest more

darkwing3705d ago

does every game have to be about killin'?

TheColbertinator3705d ago

No it can also be about skinning and looting the corpses.Yes I would have preferred some hunting and selling the pelts on the African black market.Capitalism rules!

Not to mention bringing an assault rifle to the safari

GameDev3704d ago

I was just gonna say, if they aren't shooting something XBOTS aren't happy. these are the same people that go to IRAQ and kill women and children. should anyone really be surprised?