Street Fighter Crew Combating Lag

TGR - "When it comes to fighting games, speed and precision is the name of the game. You have to know exactly when to block an incoming punch, as well as the precise moment to strike once your opponent shows an opening. Unfortunately, smooth gameplay is presenting a challenge to the Street Fighter 4 developers, as they are struggling mightily with online lag on the console versions, and not even Ryu's Dragon Uppercut is enough to keep it at bay.

According to producer Yoshinori Ono, the team is hard at work, but they're still far from having the issues resolved."

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Tacki3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

I do have to wonder what it is about fighting games that make it so difficult to make them lag-free online. I have no idea what goes into the technical side of things of course so I can only assume that much faster reactions are needed on-screen for these types of games. Still, I see other titles that have huge multi-player battles with dozens of things going down on-screen all at once and it just surprises me a bit that a fighting game can't achieve the same when there's significantly less happening at one time.

I very much hope they bring this one up to a workable level though. Well, I'm sure it's already workable... but hopefully it can be enjoyable.

Relin3730d ago

From what I've read, MMOs and online shooters do a lot of trickery to keep everyone looking like their clocks are all ticking at the same rate; a lot of predictions are made on the client to minimize what's being communicated to the game's server, so there's... I guess you can call it a mask on the lag that's there.

With fighters, that lag becomes obvious and unacceptable. Just how the genre works, I guess.