I will Forever Hate the Midnight Launch

Neil from Lizard Lounge writes, "All the sane folk would nip down to Tesco or some other big supermarket at a reasonable hour the following day and be home and playing whilst I was still sleeping off the late night party shenanigans of queuing."

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CoNn3r_B1965d ago

Eh...I just pre-order off Amazon or digital download. I either get it the moment i comes out or in the afternoon after work.

BaseAllstar1965d ago

Ah yeah, but you miss out on the, erm, interesting, atmosphere of a midnight launch queue.

CoNn3r_B1965d ago

I would rather stick my head in a septic tank...

DivoJones1963d ago

Gave up on them for a number of reasons, most notably the fact I have responsibilities and staying up late to get a game and playing it for a couple hours before I have to sleep isn't worth it. And that's assuming the servers for the game/console don't crash, or I don't have to download a multi-GB day 1 patch along with millions of other people.

I'll just pick it up the next day with no line and no weirdos.