Paragon: Will Epic Finally Get Me to Play a MOBA? The Struggle to Embrace a Genre

Ah, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games. Where should I begin? I hate them. The cramped arenas, the boring battlefields, the communities of bitter and unhelpful players, the lengthy matches where defeat has come and gone but that one asshole still won’t concede… They’re not my cup of tea. But I desperately want them to be. They’re beautiful, deeply strategic, and offer buttloads of content. Unfortunately finding the MOBA-for-me has been a long journey down a long road where people throw eggs at me and tell me to go kill myself.

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GrontB954d ago

Good read. I've tried League and Dota, but never had that much fun. Got into Paragon and I have already put in 30+ hours. The third person aspect is much more cinematic and I could see Paragon getting big after full launch and balancing is locked down.