MTV Multiplayer: Five Impressive Warhammer Online Features, From A Fan

MTV News video editor, Joe DeShano, writes:

"I sat down Friday afternoon on my computer, mouse and keyboard with soda by my side. I was ready for whatever was to come. I logged in. The patch loaded on my screen and then a splash page, "Warhammer Online."

I'll say this upfront: I loved "Chaos" faction. They always seemed to have the coolest miniatures and artwork. But I decided for my online experience I was going to go in a completely different direction though. The servers loaded and I noticed right away I had a problem getting into the game because of traffic. Finally I was able to get in and decided to play the "good guys." I picked a Witch Hunter (yeah, I'm that guy), battling for the Empire.

I clicked "Play" after a modest, but not-too-varied character creation and bam! I was thrust into the world of Warhammer.

Here are five things I noticed about Mythic's new game… "

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