The Creators of Burnout Are Making A Game That's Even More Chaotic

Stephen Totilo:

“We just call it a mess simulator,” the ever-quotable game developer Alex Ward was saying as his colleague Chris Roberts (the other Chris Roberts) was playing their upcoming game in Kotaku’s New York City office during a visit last week. That chaotic game, Dangerous Golf, is indeed about making messes... by using a golf ball in a barely proverbial china shop.

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Kurisu1807d ago

The physics look good but I'm not really feeling the game itself.

Lonnie181807d ago

Do us a favor and just come out with a new Burnout please!

madpuppy1807d ago

Or, at the LEAST! Have a third party dev update and release a burnout collection!! darn it!, Criterion are such an obstinate bunch!!

Hold_It1807d ago

A new Burnout with Need for Speed's level of customization would be legit af. I hope that Nintendo will let or get Criterion to make a new F-Zero game for NX. Could you imagine F-Zero with Burnouts crash mechanics?

hiredhelp1807d ago

Read the article guys :( they left EA and EA owns Burnout soo any future burnout wont be by these guys.