The extraordinary games of May 2016

There's an adventure for every taste waiting in May 2016's electronic playground. Here's everything you need to know about May's upcoming releases.

What's your most anticipated May title?

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HoldenZA2467d ago

Can't wait to see how the South Africans handle the open Beta for Overwatch on console. I'm really hoping that this game picks up momentum and transitions to a staple competitive title

ZombieDreddZA2467d ago

Expensive month for the wallet...

DesVader2467d ago

You're right about that! Ouch.

Dirtnapstor2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Yes it will be. Thank the Lord for Redbox!

Platformgamer2466d ago

Fortunately, for me, i'm interested in only 2 games: uncharted 4 and shadow of the beast. Doom is awesome, but imho can wait

Sillicur2467d ago

Can't wait for Overwatch! Just hope the netcode is good enough to play with 150-200ms!

MasterCornholio2466d ago

Pretty cool month. Uncharted 4 is the biggest title of the month in my opinion.

STK0262466d ago

Will get Uncharted on PS4 and Overwatch on PC. Homefront looks decent enough, but I'll probably wait for a sale or a price drop for it, same for Total War, which I totally forgot was coming out this month.