Deciphering Too Human wrote: "If you're like the rest of us, playing Too Human 'til the sun comes up, you've probably said this out loud at least more than once: "What the heck does 'Soothing' do?" or "Is 'Rupture' any good?" Unfortunately, the booklet that comes with the game is lacking even the most basic of definitions of most status effects in the game, but fear not, because I have the answer. Well, at least some answers. Okay, okay… I have a dictionary. It's still cool though, I promise!

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dachiefsman3795d ago

so true that post was. lol.

Manuals have never been that great for consoles, except for the FF series.

Nevers3795d ago

But yet soooooo true... I really wish the manuals helpt you like they did back in the good ole days (ie FF, Retro-Zeldas, Castlevania, Metroid... etc, etc) Seems like publishers all try to push you to buy thos $20 cheat books (that don't list very many actual cheats) these days.

But on Too Human topic... yeah I need a translator.