CliffyB on PS4's Uncharted 4: Each demo makes me want to stab myself in the face

Each demo that has been shown off has only built the hype and anticipation more, and it's not just gamers who have had this reaction to them.

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Shubhendu_Singh901d ago

Deceptive headline which makes you wonder whether he said the line as a good thing or bad.

Spoiler Alert. He said it as a good thing.

Eonjay901d ago

I must say though... I have never had that reaction to anything good or bad... Cliffy is... well hes special you see.

inveni0901d ago

I assumed he wants to stab himself in the face because, even with all of Gears' success, he's never created something as incredible as Uncharted.

dumahim901d ago

It's examiner. It's expected.

Kurisu901d ago

How can stabbing yourself in the face EVER be a good thing? xD

Sharingan_no_Kakashi901d ago (Edited 901d ago )

It would be good for all humanity if CliffyB stabbed himself in the face LOL JK.

BrettAwesome901d ago (Edited 901d ago )

Uhm...maybe if you're really ugly and just wanna die? Or if you really wanted a ps4 for Christmas, but your parents accidently went and got you one of them chinese "ouye" consoles... "that is the one you wanted, right?"

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suli12345901d ago

come on its uncharted and no dev has ever attempted to hate on the game ever, so its not really a deceptive headline, its obvious

Why o why901d ago

Looked pretty clear to me. He's in ore

Goldenarmz901d ago

Kinda figured it would be a good thing.... didnt need to click on the article to know that.

Imalwaysright901d ago

@ inveni0

What he created is the reason or part of the reason why Uncharted is what it is today.

Imalwaysright901d ago (Edited 901d ago )

@ XiKurapikaKurta

How about this joke from a former Naughty Dog employee?

Uncharted was supposed to be a fantasy game with Tolkien elements until Sony saw how successful gritty shooters were on the 360. I would say that Gears of war is one of those shooters. It certainly was the most successful shooter at the time so yeah, I believe that the game that Cliffy and his team created is the reason or part of the reason why Uncharted is what it is today.

rainslacker901d ago


Actually he's not wrong.

ND had a different direction for UC at the beginning. Sony wanted something more along a cover shooter, so UC became what it is today. This was said by one of the head ND guys about 4-5 years back. I don't know if Sony was specific with it being more like GeOW, because outside the genre, it really isn't anything like it, and don't recall GeOW being the specific example mentioned, but it made sense that was the case for the time frame given.

Aloy-Boyfriend901d ago

Unless U1 was made in a year...go figure

Aloy-Boyfriend901d ago (Edited 901d ago )


Gears realistic look is also a product of the industry maturing and leaning onto more realistic aesthetics and experiences. Yes, I'm aware about Uncharted beginnings. however, it was not gears that changed how it looked. When that guy said Xbox shooters, they didn't exactly mean Gears, It could have been COD or even Halo, which looked realistic. Xbox was pushing shooters before the 360 was a thing. Naughty Dog was also aware of the industry changing, and that is why Jak 2 went through lots of changes

''Gears of War was first shown as an unnamed exclusive for the Xbox 360 in a behind-closed-doors presentation by Epic Games at the 2005 Game Developers Conference.''

As for Uncharted:
'' ...although termed as 'stylized realism'.[5] Inspiration was drawn from various sources in the action and adventure genres: pulp magazines, movie serials, and more contemporary titles like Indiana Jones and National Treasure.'' ''A platforming segment, showing Nathan attempting to scale the outer walls of the Fortress. The game was first unveiled at E3 2006.''

U1 came a year after Gears of War. Neither devs were aware of their projects. How could ND quickly change the outlook of the game in a year? This was pure coincidental. They have congratulated themselves for their success as well: Epic when U2 and TLOU were released, and ND when Gears 3 was released.


What you don't know is that both games took the cover shooting from KillSwitch and improved it. Like I said, both games were pure coincidental. To change Uncharted from a fantasy to a realistic look is something that doesn't take a year or two. They had to scrap everything and start from zero. Also the Engine was new and thus they had a lot of fustrated employees that left the studio.

Imalwaysright901d ago (Edited 901d ago )

Go figure that the 360 is only 2 years older than Uncharted 1 and yet in between those 2 years, it seems that some gritty xbox shooters success made ND turn their fantasy game into a shooter through Sony's agency. Of course that ND didn't have those 2 years of development time because those successful shooters had to be released 1st and be a commercial success to influence Uncharted.

So, was Uncharted 1 fully developed in what? 1.5 or 1.3 years, maybe 1.2 years... or they already had assets from their fantasy game and used them on Uncharted? I don't know. What I know is that Uncharted shooting mechanics and cover system are eerily similar to those that we find in Gears of War and that Uncharted that was supposed to be a fantasy game ended up being a TPS action adventure game because Sony saw how successful shooters were on the 360 (former ND employee words).

trouble_bubble901d ago

The shooting mechanics and cover aren't "eerily similar" at all. Gears did that CNN shakey cam running shooting with slider reloads, can't jump, more of an over the shoulder RE4 feel. 007 Everything or Nothing from PS2 is a MUCH better example of the kinda cover shooting, melee, vehicle parts seen in Uncharted.

They didnt make UC1 in less than a year either. The conspiracy theories here are asinine. Game first showed up in magazines with a pic from the first shootout outside by the pillars, with the tag 'Untitled', the previous calender year. Took 2 years to make as per wiki. Puts it at 2005.

Sparta07901d ago

LMFAO!!!! @ alwayswrong... You try too hard brother. Nowhere in that link did they mention Gears they said "gritty shooters"..... Lol soooo you saying uncharted was made in a year?

Imalwaysright900d ago


What I know is that Chris Esaki was the lead designer of Killswitch and was also the man responsible for Gears of war cover system. Gears is in a sense a spiritual successor to killswitch.

Also, aside from Halo the original Xbox didn't really have shooters that were a massive success so I have to ask, which were those shooters from the original Xbox had that made Sony feel the pressure to make their teams make games more realistic when the PS2 was easily outselling both the Xbox and GC combined.

Also yes, I think that is possible for ND to implement shooting mechanics and cover system in a year considering that Uncharted 2 was released in October 2009 (less than 2 years of development) and was a vast improvement in ALL departments compared to the 1st Uncharted.

@ Trouble trouble

Are you saying that Uncharted cover system and shooting mechanics resemble more that 007 game over gears?

BlackTar187900d ago

Why does no one give WinBack credit for cover shooting? The entire game was based around it. and was 4 yrs before killswitch

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MasterD919901d ago

My thoughts exactly. Although, Cliffy's never been a good story-teller either, so I'm sure he's a bit thrown off his A-game after playing.

rainslacker901d ago (Edited 901d ago )

Probably good he meant it as good, otherwise he could find plenty of people who would want to stab him in the face while they watched an UC trailer.

That being said, Cliffy does seem to have some odd notions on how to show his anticipation for something.

SenorFartCushion901d ago

No it isn't. The context is there. Only people unfamiliar with him will not know.

This is a games site. So the readers SHOULD know.

ThyMasterDebater901d ago (Edited 901d ago )

VERY DECEPTIVE INDEED. Cliffy was saying this in a positive light. But OP spun it in a negative light.

*Stabs OP in the Face with a banana*

jb227901d ago

"*Stabs OP in the Face with a banana*"

So does that mean you are a fan of OP?

I'm so confused right now.

Bathyj901d ago

Not so much clickbait. I think Cliff just has aspergers or something and doesnt know how to express himself very well. I certainly wouldnt use stab myself in the face to express anything positive.

Metallox900d ago

I don't know, I quite understand what he's saying there. "Stabbing in the face" it's practically equivalent to "pinch me because I must be dreaming"-"I just can't believe what I'm seeing" type of phrases.

Of course, it's got a more ridiculous tone.

UnholyLight901d ago

Yeah the way that headline is written makes it sound like he saying he can't stand seeing the game at all and that he thinks it looks like garbage imo.

Completely the opposite !

C-H-E-F900d ago

thanks clickbait whew... saved me from pointless article...

S2Killinit900d ago

I believe he is speaking from the point of view of a developer, who presumably understands the painstaking work It take to make a game like that, thus the comment.

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Genuine-User901d ago (Edited 901d ago )

Take it easy Cliff.

DarkOcelet901d ago

I dont blame you if you think he was saying it in a negative way. The title is very misleading but he is actually pretty hyped for the game.

Genuine-User901d ago (Edited 901d ago )

oh no, I know he's an Uncharted fan. I was just suggesting that he should take it easy and contain his state of violent excitement - delirium :p

rainslacker901d ago

I was more reasoned with my excitement. I cut off my thumbs.

Can't wait to play the game next week......

Eonjay901d ago

As long as he uploads it to twitter. Do it for the internet Cliffy... for the internet fame!

wakeNbake901d ago

So hes admitting Uncharted is better than Gears?

G20WLY901d ago

Sure, why not? He can still love his sweetheart and recognise that someone else's is preferable in every category. He's just being honest with himself and that's fair enough. :o)

rainslacker901d ago

I think he kind of grew bored with Gears. I mean, it's all he worked on for close to a decade. Man is pretty creative and a crafty game designer. Not big on his stories, but not sure how much he had to do with the Gears story. but eventually, you just get tired of seeing your own work day in and day out. Just imagine what it's like to know exactly what to expect from a game before it's ever released. He'll never have the same thrill that the average consumer will over his own games. He can love his work, but it's not the same as being excited for something you've never seen before.

MasterCornholio900d ago (Edited 900d ago )

Why not?

Remedy did the same so why can't he?

Segata900d ago

Binary Domain and VanQuish are better than gears.

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ginsunuva901d ago

Sometimes I wonder if ND's insane talent makes the rest of the industry try harder, or just give up.

game4funz901d ago

Naught dogs games like other games I'm sure is a good source of inspiration for developers depending on what they want to achieve.
If I want to make an awesome racing game I may not look at naughty dog for inspiration....yet. who knows.

Aloy-Boyfriend901d ago (Edited 901d ago )

Every COD by Treyarch has been influenced by the Uncharted games.

Many other always congratulate them and thank them for the inspiration. Go check the tweets from devs that Neil has retweeted and replied.

So yeah. Other Devs look at them a lot

NarooN901d ago

"Every COD by Treyarch has been influenced by the Uncharted games."

Lolwat. Several Treyarch CoD's literally came out before Uncharted was a thing (CoD1: United Offensive, CoD 3) and I seriously doubt WaW and even Blops 1 took any inspiration from UC.

Aloy-Boyfriend901d ago


Devs' words not mine. Google it. I know what I'm saying

freshslicepizza901d ago

they haven't reached Rockstar status yet.

Bahamut901d ago (Edited 901d ago )

That depends on if you mean popularity or quality, because Naughty Dog definitely has the latter. Don't get me wrong, I love GTA, but the storytelling in that game is a joke compared to Uncharted 2, 3, or The Last of Us.

Rockstar only got where they are by making games that let you murder everyone and run from the cops. Naughty Dog got where they are by pushing the boundaries for storytelling in video games.... Well... That and Crash Bandicoot.

freshslicepizza900d ago

it doesn't get much higher than that. naughty dog are still one of the best developers out there though.

Sparta07900d ago

@ moldybread, GTA has a 96 with 56 reviews half of the reviews was for pc.
last of us has a 94 with 47 reviews true exclusive.
I would say there are definitely up there as the best if not one of the best. Naughty Dog reached and passed Rockstar ...

ginsunuva900d ago

Citing a review page for GTA5 doesn't really say much about R* as a whole.

freshslicepizza900d ago

why don't you guys look at the original comment i was first replying to.

"Sometimes I wonder if ND's insane talent makes the rest of the industry try harder, or just give up. "

it makes it appear no other studio comes close. this is why i mentioned rockstar because they are one of the premiere studios out there that sell 20 million copies and get rave reviews. but once again so many are just so closed minded. not once would i ever say naughty dog is average, they are one of the best as well but people think nobody comes close to them which isnt true.

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