Interview: Dyack addresses Too Human complaints

Joystiq reports: "Continuing with their week-long series, nos amis at X3F talked with Silicon Knights President Denis Dyack over some of Too Human's biggest perceived faults."


Part 2 at Joystiq.

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lodossrage3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

This crap can't die out soon enough. How about we rename this place N4Dyack?

DavidMacDougall3706d ago

The man fought it would have been a massive hit and in his eyes its the best game ever but i don't think he sees that after wasting 10 years of his life

Denis_Dyack3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Wonderful idea

+bubbles for such an innovative idea, just like all the innovation my game has

blackbeld3706d ago

too human average score says enough about the game

Idonthatejustcreate3706d ago

peeww! Good thing that I activated my Anti-BS protection before I watched this interview...

JoySticksFTW3705d ago

"Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh... .*sniffle*....Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhh h"

xhairs93705d ago

I think if he actually answered the questions I might have watched the whole thing. Q1 Answer: We stand behind our game thank you. Q2 Answer: We stand behind our game and that's all that matters. I can already see all the rest of his answers from the first two questions he was asked.

And who in their right f'n mind thinks that framerate during cutscenes isn't important? That's the only time it SHOULD matter, it's understandable to see framerate problems during the gameplay when lots of things are happening but that's inexcusable to see poor framerate and poor quality cutscenes.

Too Human: 7.

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morganfell3706d ago

Perceived faults? He still won't admit it even though the vast majority of the public is telling him the game is trash. Fix it already or shut up. But no, he is on a one man crusade to prove he is right and the masses are nothing but gaming morons.

dachiefsman3706d ago

Just like you have been on a crusade to bash before and since its release. Its as though you hate it but can't stop posting about it.

weird. usually if I don't like something I tend to avoid it.

The Lazy One3705d ago

chill the crap out. It's an interview with him. I doubt you watched it (just like you ignored the other one and assumed he bashed WoW when he just said he liked EvE more), and he isn't spouting on about how his game is the best thing since sliced bread.

He's defending it sure, what developer wouldn't, but he's not being an asshole about it. We get it, you don't like the game. We don't need to hear it in every thread with a "too" or a "dyack" in the title.

morganfell3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

You mean the way you can't stop posting negative stuff about inFamous? Smell yourself. That's right, you do have a post history.

You are being hypocritical. By the way, something I should have done before, here's an ignore button to the head. One more person whose useless comments I do not have to read.

Don't think for a minute I am going to let up on this big fat liar Dyack either. There are not enough days in the year to slap this guy around. If you want this type of thing to stop, drive to his house and shut him up. He is his own worst enemy.

The Lazy One3705d ago

I haven't said anything about infamous... other than that it looks like crackdown mixed with AC mixed with Star Wars.

TheDude2dot03705d ago

@Lazy Person

I think morganfell meant dachiefs guy was making fun of inFamous.

morganfell3705d ago


Not sure what he said as blocking people makes my life better but you are correct. That was aimed squarely at chiefsman.

dachiefsman3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

I called you out on your BS. Go find my trolling posts. OH thats right you can't!

Here is an ignore in the head back at yea.

"well I hope their is more to the game play in Infamous than what I have seen. Lightening out of your hands is cool, but could get boring after a while. Prototype on the other hand has some sick moves. Human skateboard? what else is there to say?"

Is this the post you are talking about cause, I really REALLY don't see how this is trolling. AS though with you its every other post. Get over yourself!

badz1493705d ago

a serious ignore button battle is happening right here! chill up guys! there's no point arguing and fighting over Too Human or Dyack! He doesn't even care and still want to push his 'not-so-good' game down everybody's throat here!

Too Human is in fact not too well recieved by reviewers/gamers and everybody including Dyack himself should just accept it already. nothing anybody says will make the game any better or worst!

but I think it's about time we let go of Too Human and move on. too human is not the be all end all of gaming!

TheDude2dot03705d ago

I wish all arguments ended like this. People not talking to each other anymore because of ignore button.

3705d ago
The Lazy One3703d ago

means you're probably wrong

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jkhan3706d ago

I respect developers a lot. They are gems who provide us with ultimate entertainment experience. But Dyack really needs to understand that there is a point when you need to stop talking & he really needs to understand that there is something wrong with his game, lets say camera or mindless stick waggling. He is just too blinded with all this. Kind of funny but I doubt anybody else is comparing Too Human to Diablo. In every interview I listen he is the one comparing the two games.

The Lazy One3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

What would you like him to do? Masturbate?

Blame the people that post every single developer interview by him. Not him for getting interviewed. If people posted every interview by kojima, he'd look just as bad except for the 15 fanboys on his lap sucking his ballsack.

gdguide3706d ago

LOL. This guy would try and put a good spin on barf if he could.

blackbeld3706d ago

too human = biggest flop in game history

XxZxX3705d ago

flop that is 10 year in the making. Silicon are great inside female boob, not making games.