The Six Ways Each "Next-Gen" Console Fails

"Here are six ways that I think each of the current "next-gen" consoles fail. The order goes from most familiar console to least (I don't own a Wii personally), and from biggest failure to smallest. This is just my take on it, what do you guys think? How would you change them?

Xbox 360:
* HD-DVD: It should have come built-in. It would have allowed more room for games, disc-based HD movies, and the format may have actually survived if one of its two biggest backers actually got behind it.


Playstation 3:
* Better UI than the XMB: Sony, would it kill you to use some icons with color? After all, it is one of the key ways for people to quickly identify items (see #6). The XMB is about as intuitive a way to tie together hierarchal lists of functions and data as any OS's file system. Playing music should not use the exact same UI as your friends list.


* Lackluster motion control: FYI, I really don't enjoy playing the Wii. It isn't that the concept is bad, I think the concept is great. The motion control is just so terrible though. For proof look no further than the existence of a first-party add-on to fix the motion control.


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Jamie Foxx3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

why do so many reporters who know absolutley nothing about game development talk things they may have heard on a forum from fanboys and run with it? mgs4 had unbelievable graphics, killzone has proven that upclose its textures are amazing so has uncharted.shows how credible he is as a reporter!

its nothing to do with memory its to do with getting to grips with the architecture.

why complain about if 360 had hddvd when that format was dead and buried along time ago?its still got good games, its like me saying if your dad was your mums brother you would have been concieved out of incest

sorry this guys a douchebag

blacsheep3757d ago

could not have put it any better


mindedone3757d ago

that if Xbox had HD-DVD, then it would not have had the commercial success it has now. The only people who would have come up ahead is HD-DVD and Sony.

JUUKENS HOT3757d ago

why complain about if 360 had hddvd when that format was dead and buried along time ago?its still got good games, its like me saying if your dad was your mums brother you would have been concieved out of incest


Voiceofreason3757d ago

Attention seeking article.. Just ignore it. I doubt this guy has any kind of console experience at all. Dead wrong on all 3 IMO.

lento3757d ago

only thing i agree with for the ps3 is to include some kind of high def cables... everything else. meh

kinggeoff3757d ago

that was my only WTF moment upon purchasing a ps3

not even component cables? cmon

pricklypete3757d ago

I disagree with most of the PS3 "Fails"

1) the memory card Read I use VERY frequently. As a professional photographer I use my LCD TV and my PS3 for my clients (by using memory cards both compact flash and SD) It wows them every time!

Mem cards I also use for transfering media over all the time until recently I started using TVersity to share my PC files. SO awesome!

2) the PS3 memory has no problems at all. it's the developers choice whether to properly develop for the PS3.

It's simple math. Right now I am using a crappy (todays standards) old P4 3 GHz computer (1CORE)

Look at the new CPU's they are using 4 cores (PS3 uses 7 cores!) and the rate is way below 3 Ghz.

People, the larger the number means squat! It was a good/bad choice for Sony to use this technology. A) good because so many companies are sharing the Cell technology. (even Toshiba, at one point against Sony and Bluray)

3) Cables, sure they are expensive to buy at places like Best buy, Future shop. and in <u> FACT IF THEY WERE </u> bundled it would cause the system to cost more because sony needs a third party to provide the cables.

Just go to a local computer store and if its a saturated area with many other PC stores you can get cables like optical and HDMI for dirt cheap. 15 bucks for 2 foot HDMI cable (same fidelity)

b) it was a bad choice to use the cell because developers had to invest in new gaming developing techniques. no training was provided to learn how to use the cell.

I do agree with the better or SIMPLER XMB (especially for newer users). There should be a basic user and Advanced user mode.

I personally find the XMB works well and is very easy to navigate (the in-game XMB should only show what you can use with out having to quit in game)

Motion sensing is 50/50 for me. It worked for me with lair, but random use like in Ratchet and clank the puzzles or the grenade aiming in Uncharted, didn't work well with me.

I love using the Sixaxis to reload in GTA4 though I hope all games get that choice.

I basically think the author should re-evaluate the PS3 because it is very biased to themselves.

I agree with the 6 Fails of Wii and 360.

Fox013757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

Gaystation fails, so do you, at life.

Riiiiidge Racerrrr!!

AIi_The_Brit3757d ago

tht baby in your avatar, is it you?

MaximusPrime3757d ago

only thing i agree with is Xbox 360. Yes you should have integrated HDDVD and look what happened.

The other two consoles i do not agree with.

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