Crysis: Unbelievable Custom Map

GX writes "Crysis was thankfully blessed with an editor that allowed gamers to create their own mods, assets, and levels. I remember visiting a Crysis modification site, and taking a look at a modification that would drop a nuke and deplete everything in it's path for a good few miles. Today I came across another modification. This time it's a custom level built for Crysis, and boy am I beyond belief. If you think you've put hard work into a modification then maybe you should take a look at the following pictures. This medieval level is known as Niveus, and the artist who created this stunning level is Andrew "androkles" Hasko. The level is currently reported to run at 5fps on his machine. I'm right now speechless after taking a look at the pictures. Take a look at them after the jump. Video included!"

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Fishy Fingers3707d ago

Absolutely incredible. DLing this as soon as I get home.

INehalemEXI3707d ago (Edited 3707d ago )

Its not ready for prime time yet it runs at 5 FPS. I can't find any download either. Amazing though.

He should get a mod team together and make a total conversion where you play as some van helsing type bad as$.

Alexander Roy3707d ago

I came.

Sorry, but this is f'cking amazing. This looks better than several big budget games today. Some new models, a tweak here, a tweak there, throw in some voice acting, add some lore and you could have the an incredible (looking at least) fantasy game right there.
Here is hoping that a lot of developers use that engine or a modded version of it for their next games.
It's unbelievable how talented some people are...

Liquid Dust3707d ago

Very, Very impressive. That would be just a massive map to play in, whoever this guy is he needs to be hired STAT! Make me some killer games Androkles!

I wish i could afford a computer that could run crysis...

Here's to hoping that there will be user created content allowed on the PS3 version of the game next year

Baka-akaB3707d ago

Seriously the engine need to get licensed asap ... in the hand of better fps devs (no offense but while grandiose on the technical side , their gameplay and the interest of their game isnt really great) or even mmo and rpgs , it would look marvelous

sixaxis3707d ago

Are we able to do something like this in Far Cry 2?

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The story is too old to be commented.