Xenoblade Chronicles X is the Best JRPG to Come Out in Years

Xenoblade Chronicles X is the best Japanese RPG to come out in the last 10 years with its engaging battle system, massive world, and freedom of exploration.

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guywazeldatatt2466d ago

I really love this game. The best game to come out on the Wii U. It's a shame so many gamers are missing out on it.

N4G000012465d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

Many of them believe Playstation would bring something better, PS3 didn't, PS4 not yet(PS4 already 2 years, where's Persona 5 ?!!!).

SONY Armored Core: BloodBorne Please! :D

guywazeldatatt2465d ago

see that's the crazy thing. Sony hasn't. Nintendo was so smart to pick up Monolith. Takahashi is so talented and is a real visionary, he just needs the right people to believe in his vision. That's why Xenogears was shafted.

_-EDMIX-_2465d ago

@N4G- lolz seeing how you just joined 4 days ago. PS3 had lots of great JRPGs, PS4 has Bloodborne, Dragon Quest Heros, Megadimension Neptunia VII, Disgaea 5, Tales Of Zestiria, Natural Doctrine and lots more, even more coming this year like Dragon Quest Heros II, I am Setsuna, World Of Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy XV, Persona 5 and lots more. Mind you, did Xenoblade X not release about 3 years into Wii U's life cycle? Yet you are complaining as if taking time is this huge deal? lolz.

@Darklink- Sony doesn't own the IP, they have no control over that. " Nintendo was so smart to pick up Monolith" Were they? They need to make another game for NX and see how it does before I'm convinced at that as Xenoblade Chronicles X isn't even NEAR 1 million units. With the scale and scope of Xenoblade X, I just don't know if that series could survive with under 1 million sales...

_-EDMIX-_2465d ago

I played a bit of the Japanese import at a friends house and the English version at their house and its pretty good.

I would say thus far its the best console JRPG to release in quite some time, in the respect of being very Japanese in art direction that is, I think Bloodborne might still hold those honors for some time. The issues it does have, I feel could have been fixed with more powerful hardware, hoping they make a sequel on NX to see what they can do with something better.

TheOtherVitaOwner2465d ago

Look I don't disagree with you that the ps4 has some great jrpgs and there's certainly more still to come, but did you seriously try to argue that Natural Doctrine was a jrpg worth getting excited about?

_-EDMIX-_2465d ago

@TheOtherVitaOwner- lol it was just off the top of my head.

No....don't buy it though. I was just pointing out that PS4 had a bunch of JRPGs.

TheOldSuitedMan2466d ago

I'm one of the gamers to miss this game. I don't have a Wii U, but this game looks amazing. I wish it was on other consoles so I could play it on the XB1.

guywazeldatatt2466d ago

It's a shame really. Like honestly it's just that good, at least IMO. It's Takahashi's masterpiece and is actually more like a Western RPG with a little Japanese flavor.

wonderfulmonkeyman2466d ago

You could always just pick up a Wii U refurbished, or wait until the price of it drops, which should be happening soon.

That, or you can wait to see if the NX has backwards compatibility.

Any one of the three options would be better than waiting for what will never happen.
The game's good enough to justify the entry cost, and it's not like the system is devoid of other games to play as well.

guywazeldatatt2466d ago

The Wii U has excellent exclusives. I hope the NX is backwards compatible because I just have too many games in my Wii U library honestly. I will keep my Wii U, but, it will be frustrating considering there are some amazing games on the Wii U and I think the NX, with Zelda at launch, will kill it.

Zeldafan642466d ago (Edited 2465d ago )

I doubt the NX is going to be backwards compatible because I'm really thinking and hoping it's going to be running on cartridges.

nitus10 -
There are more advantages than just faster read speeds.
1. Less moving parts = less chance of the console breaking, either by the disc reader breaking or the console overheating.
2. Less power consumption saving US, THE CONSUMERS, on our electric bills.
3. It's quieter for a better experience.
4. With the games not needing to be installed off the cartridge onto the harddrive it frees up more space to d/l digital titles on top of saving time not needing to wait before you can actually play the game.

You say it would be too expensive but really it wouldn't be that much more expensive since they would be getting a major discount ordering them in the millions. Just because they charge $60 or more for a 128 GB micro SD card doesn't mean it costs anywhere near that much to manufacture it. You know it doesn't cost anywhere near that much to manufacture that tiny of a chip. Honestly I seriously doubt it costs more than $2 to manufacture one of those 128 GB cards. They just have HUGE markups when they go to sell them to the consumers. Cartridges greatly benefit the CONSUMERS, I don't see why you wouldn't want them to benefit US unless you're the CEO of one of those companies and it might affect your bottom line slightly.

Am I talking to the heads of these game companies here? Maybe I am, I have no way of knowing. If I am then it would be great if you guys would support this as it would benefit me, YOUR CONSUMER.

I don't understand why you just accept that a game you bought a physical copy of still takes up space on your harddrive and I mean more than just a save file. That would bother me greatly but you just tacitly accept it. It confuses me as to why I don't see you or anyone else for that matter bring it up as a concern as that means your harddrive doesn't go as far as it should. You're being very anti-consumer towards yourself, THE CONSUMER and I just don't understand why you would go against your own self interest like that.

nitus102465d ago


Why do you think the NX is going to run off cartridges?

If Nintendo brings back the cartridge then it is going to be more expensive for games and I can guarantee that third party developers will desert the platform.

The only advantage of cartridges over a BluRay (approx 27MB/s read) disk is they can be read much faster, this is why games for both the PS4 and XB1 are installed onto the hard disk which can be read at over 100MB/s for a 5400rpm HDD and over 500MB/sec (this is a minimum) for a solid state drive which is well over a 100MB/src faster than a standard cartridge unless you get a high performance one and then that will cost allot more.

Once a game is in memory the performance of the HDD, SSD or even a cartridge does not matter.

Ark_2465d ago

It's either backwards compatibility or easy third party support. I guess they'll go for the latter and base the NX on x86 architecture like everyone else. Makes porting easy.
Also haven't there be rumours, that they are working on splatoon and mario maker for the NX? That wouldn't be necessary, if the NX would be fully backwards compatible.

_-EDMIX-_2465d ago

@ Wonderful- "You could always just pick up a Wii U refurbished"

LOL no....... even if NX isn't BC, I'll skip Wii U. Got a friend that owns it and it just how way too little games to be worth it. Seems like such a waste of money at this point.

@Nitus- "Why do you think the NX is going to run off cartridges?" the major rumor is it doesn't have a disk drive. I believe its because NX is a handheld, you wouldn't have a disk drive in such a thing and I believe they are doing this because they have greater success with handhelds and they could skip major 3rd parties by becoming one themselves.

The rumors about the no disk drive are also on the rumor of Nintendo releasing an app for PC, PS4, XONE etc. So they very well could just be turning into a 3rd party for other platforms to play their games digitally or even streaming or even with a subscription like EA.

Doing so would mean they could live without 3rd party support and bank on sales on other platforms.

I'd say them noting having a disk drive is mainly because its not a dedicated console and Wii U is likely Nintendo's last dedicated console (for good reason)

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Segata2465d ago

1st party Nintendo game on Xbox? Sure just as soon as Halo is on Wii U

_-EDMIX-_2465d ago

Well MS isn't the one that is in Nintendo's situation. The rumor is that Nintendo will release an app for PC, PS4, XONE and mobile and it very well could be Nintendo releasing a digital store or subscription service on those platforms if someone wishes to play their games on other consoles.

Did you need to see Nintendo's games running on Dreamcast or a Sega platform for Sega to run its games on Nintendo's, Sony's and MS's?

Consider it was based on Sega becoming a 3rd party developer, very well could be happening to Nintendo right now.

Segata2465d ago

-edmix- Ah I see you read Bullshit form my ass weekly.

TheSuperiorGamer2466d ago

It just proves how irrelevant Nintendo is.

wonderfulmonkeyman2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Nah. Not even.
More than anything else, it just proves that there are way too many console war soldiers out there that value their console loyalties more than the games they claim to want.
Which is really stupid, IMO, because owning only one console in this day and age is a sure-fire way to limit your available options and to miss out on some really terrific games.

Console loyalties aren't worth missing out on great games, and it's not like saving up is impossible for most of the people that can afford a console in the first place.

guywazeldatatt2466d ago

I own all 3 consoles. Don't regret it. I have no loyalties really though I grew up with Nintendo. They all have their strengths and weaknesses.

2465d ago
gamerb62465d ago

So irrelevant that people who hate/don't like Nintendo can't stop talking about them.

Segata2465d ago

Your name and that ludicrous comment are polar opposites.

sullynathan2466d ago

Only a stupid person thinks Witcher 3 is a JRPG

nitus102465d ago

The Witcher 3 is actually a PRPG (Polish RPG). 😉

guywazeldatatt2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

This is about JRPGs. But I would argue it would at least rivals it.

Paytaa2466d ago

Not a JRPG as much as I love TW3

guywazeldatatt2466d ago

fair enough. I disagree but this article is strictly about the JRPG market, since it has grown very stale on consoles.

Paytaa2465d ago

@Darklink oh I was responding to XiKurapikaKurta stating that The Witcher 3 isn't a JRPG.

I've never played a Xenoblade game before so I don't have an opinion other than I'm not someone who has played many JRPG's.

sullynathan2466d ago (Edited 2466d ago )

Dark souls 3 came out this year, dragon's Dogma only came out 4 years ago while xenoblade Chronicles X came out last year. Bloodborne also came out last year (if you consider than an rpg)

nitus102465d ago

Bloodborne and Dark Souls 3 are developed by From Software which is a Japanese company and both games are RPG's with an emphasis on action instead of turn-based or active turn-based hence they are JRPG's. I can even throw in Dragon Quest Heroes (emphasis on action) which was brought out by Square Enix in 2015 which is also a Japanese company hence it is a JRPG.

The are plenty more JRPG's that were launched late year or this year. So for the article's headline to say that "Xenoblade Chronicles X is the Best JRPG to Come Out in Years" is just plain wrong. Good grief I can easily go back over 10 years and there are plenty of JRPG's that are every bit as good if not better then Xenoblade Chronicles X although how good one game is over another is really subjective.

wonderfulmonkeyman2465d ago

In your opinion.
In mine, none of those come close to measuring up to Xenoblade X.

Segata2465d ago

The first Western RPG is Turn based with Ultima 1981 and the first Japanese developed RPG in Dragon Slayer 1984 was Action based. So guess who invented what. JRPG and WRPG has nothing to do with battle system. Ys series and Xanadu are older than Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest and both are ACTION.

_-EDMIX-_2465d ago

Agreed. I'd say its one of the best, no doubt.

THE BEST....just no. That is just very unlikely and sounds like fanboy banter.

soooo no.

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