With Doom coming out soon I figured it would be a good time to explain my experiences with the multiplayer beta. While I only had it for one weekend to get a grasp of the game, it had a more faults…

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991d ago
D1LLW3ED991d ago

Myself and a handful of friends are really looking forward to this game and only for the multiplayer, this is a day one release for us. I personally loved the beta ... I actually couldn't get enough of it. Clearly I'm in the minority though, I hope this game is a success.

Dabigsiebowski991d ago

Carmack was right the entire time and was very smart to move out. Bethesda really are dicks in the industry just like many others as well. Dance emotes in DOOM? Ok 12 year old M rated game. Sure the campaign might be great but after seeing some of the dumb ideas they implemented in the multiplayer, it went from buy to rent for me.

D1LLW3ED988d ago

I'll gladly dick thrust over your dead body in mp, feel free to rage.

MasterD919991d ago

I'm just there for the campaign. That's all I want.