Up To 67% Off On Digital Games For PS4/PS3/Vita At Amazon -

"Amazon is offering up to 67% off on digital video games for PS4, PS3 and PS Vta. Games include Gravity Rush Remastered, Alien: Isolation The Collection, Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul, Catherine, Deception – The Nightmare Princess and lots more!"

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dp2774071920d ago

Alien is 11 dollars on psn right now I believe with plus so a better deal on the store

rynodigital1920d ago

Seems like the one on Amazon comes with all of the DLC and is only $15

Minimox161920d ago

PSN also have a bundle with all DLC at 14.99

SegaGamer1920d ago

Still cheaper to go and buy the disc version though.

rynodigital1920d ago

Leave the house and venture into the vast unknown?? Surely you gest!

SonyWarrior1920d ago

or just buy the disc version on amazon and get it on your porch in 2 days like most of us

RedDevils1919d ago

Get outside and get a life, it's probably took you 5 minutes just to grab from a store unless you're a slob lol

_-EDMIX-_1920d ago

I mean.....most times yes. But if you check out Amazon and Gamestop, sometimes those sales on PSN could be cheaper, that is usually when I actually buy digital games.

MasterD9191920d ago

Crazy game sales lately through Amazon. Is this because of the whole Prime-only thing?

DarXyde1920d ago

Great! I needed a reason to replay Digital Devil Saga.

And so, DarXyde's backlog grew three times that day...

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