Blizzard: WoW graphical reboot 'may never be necessary'

Speaking to in an interview from Leipzig Games Convention last week, Wrath of the Lich King lead game designer Tom Chilton said that it may be possible that constant expansions "keep the game looking fresh" and that high tech has never been a priority for the developer.

When asked how many expansions Blizzard could make for WoW before a series reboot is needed, Chilton replied: "It may never be necessary. It may be possible that just through constant iteration we're able to keep the game looking fresh enough. I mean for us it's never been a priority to have the highest tech game on the market.

"For us usability is a lot more important. We want to make sure that our game runs very well on low system specs. We want to make sure that our engine supports our stylised look. So for us it's really more that kind of iterative improvement works a little bit better for us."

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Snoozer2823704d ago

I dont think it's needed for a long time. I've got a lot of friends who play WOW still because their PC's can't hack new MMO's. They don't complain that it looks 'aged.'

Cynical-Gamerzus3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

Who cares !!!WOW is a joke.
Those loser who play WOW should be in the Military as Drafted worthless lifeless souls..
This Thinking (no graphical upgrade)is so backwards and lame!!
WOW's graphics are a joke and hideous to my eyes ...and believe me I know plenty of WOW'ers who are fat disgusting low lifes who play WOW and are in their mid late 20's and live with their mom and have no future.Is this game just a way to pacify the Born Mistakes of this gaming generation of Nerd Geeks who are the worlds uncovered bottom feeders??I think so! WOW is joke ! I just seen a grossly obese friend Plunk 60 dollars to renew his account while he is 26 and has no car and is living with his mom ,jobless.How pathetic is that...WOW is for losers.

Filet of Children3704d ago

So are you suggesting that since I play WoW, I'm useless and fat and live with my parents? I may have a little bit of a belly on me (thanks beer, you delicious jerk), but other than that I'm afraid you've missed the mark.

I think that maybe your problem is that you're friends with a bunch of losers. Seriously, if your friends are grossly obese layabouts who don't have jobs or cars and live with their parents, that probably says something about you too.

FantasyStar3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

He isn't far off the mark. I know some people in their 20's that do nothing but work, WoW, and sleep. They aren't exactly the definition of "in-shape". I never once played a game with a blanket over my legs and stacks of cup-ramen to the right while the room is decaying due to dust. I don't even think she's in college right now, and so far the people I meet that play WoW all follow the stereotype pretty well except for a few that still go to school or is well off. I know there are normal people that can still maintain a healthy social life and maintain physical fitness while playing WoW, but I've yet to meet more than 2 of them. And they play WoW occasionally instead of your hardcore WoW player.

marichuu3704d ago

Wait, what has this article to do with people who play the game?
Oh, and by the way... flaming and bashing people who play a certain game like that is no better than being racist. Sir, are you a racist?
People have different taste in games, get used to it.

marichuu3704d ago

Sure, no need for a graphical update, but performance sure needs more work. The thing about the WoW engine is that it requires a way too powerful CPU compared to GFX card. So while you upgrade your GFX card for all the other games, WoW will still run like crap on your 3GHZ CPU.

Leathersoup3704d ago

Yeah... I thought that they'd implemented some methods to get the game to run better on multi-core processors but it doesn't seem that way.

Voiceofreason3704d ago

I play it on a 2ghz machine with all the setting maxed and do not have a single issue.

marichuu3704d ago

Can you do better than 60 fps or even 40 constantly? During 25man raids (especially Hyjal trash waves) it goes as low as 15 fps on my 3GHz, 8800GT. Unacceptable for such graphics to do so when games with physics and better graphics run better no matter what's going on. A good example is almost any UE3 game.

Xi3704d ago

but the engine is no source... Source engine is phenominal with regards to what it produces at it's requirements, even though I know much of it's clever mapping techniques.

marichuu3704d ago

WoW engine feels like the Source engine they used for Vampire: Bloodlines

kinggeoff3704d ago

some saaaad sht

at least theyre being consistent