Are the free Xbox Games With Gold titles for May 2016 any good?

Neil writes "It had to happen. After a steady increase in the quality of free games being given away with the Games With Gold scheme on both Xbox One and Xbox 360, peaking with the stunning combination of titles dropped throughout April, the time had to come when Xbox gamers would begin to get disappointed again.

Unfortunately, that time is now."

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oKidUKo1733d ago

Be good to see whether GRiD can stand the test of time.

WellyUK1732d ago

GRiD one still does as that was one of the very best racing games ever made.

Gazondaily1732d ago

The rest are meh though.

Summons751732d ago

Costume Quest 2 is the only interesting one on the list, the first one was fantastic.

TheCommentator1732d ago

Defense Grid 2 is a ton of fun and is packed full of unique challenges and other ways of enhancing replay value. Gaming needs more well thoughtout tower defense games like this one, IMO.

Dirtnapstor1732d ago

That's because Battleborn, Doom, and Overwatch are out this month. MS would rather you invest your time and in those games.

Dirtnapstor1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Oh, I'm not trying to excuse MS. All business.

1732d ago
opinionated1732d ago

Compared to the last few months it's utter dog shit. A few slack months is acceptable though. Unlike psn where every month looks like this.

Chivas111732d ago

No cause according to Xbots they don't like indies

Khaotic1732d ago

No we don't like shovel ware which is 90% of the games that come out on PS

Chivas111732d ago

Wow you guys get one good game (Sunset Overdrive ) and act like every previous month has also been good. Shovel ware? Oh you mean those 3 or 4 times they gave out the same shitty pool game for free

Khaotic1732d ago

When you use the term "Xbox's" don't be surprised if you get a sharp reply. Don't be a fanboy and I won't treat you like one.

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